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  1. btp79

    HU Tobacco Tins

    I ordered a few HU tins from Estreval's and was wondering if any one knows if they are vacuum sealed? They kind of look like small paint cans. I'm trying to decide if I can let them be or if I need to jar them up. Thank you, Billy
  2. btp79

    UK Tobacconists That Will Ship to Scandinavia?

    I've family in the great frozen north I'll be visiting on our annual trip. All of the UK tobacconists I've seen no longer ship to the US, but I'd like to know if anyone is aware of any that will ship tobacco to other EU countries? Or any European tobacconists that will ship within or to the EU...
  3. btp79

    Experience With Squadron Leader with Perique?

    Has anyone tried this blend and if so is it something they would either add to their rotation (supply allowing) or consider cellaring? Thank you- Billy
  4. btp79

    "New" Dunhill Dark Flake Tins

    I ordered a few sleeves of the Dark Flake from SP and if I am reading the date codes correctly, they are from 2016. Did anyone else see the same with their order? I wold have thought the tins would be more recent as they just came back into stock. Any thoughts? Edit: I am not complaining at all...
  5. btp79

    TAD For Your Future Self?

    Does anyone else purchase tobaccos/blends they don't particularly care for now anticipating their tastes and likes may change? I personally like English and other latakia forward blends as well as the occasional brown bogie. I've been cellaring a good amount of vaper's, navy flake, and...
  6. btp79

    McClelland's Hits My Rotation

    Now I can commiserate with some of my other pipers. I was initially not too concerned with McClelland's closing as I didn't really smoke much of their catalog. As it turns out one of my favorites, Gourmet English from IRC is actually made by McClelland and as such is going away also. If you have...
  7. btp79

    Hello from Houston

    Greetings everyone, I've been smoking cigars pretty seriously for around 20 years, and within the last year or so I really started to enjoy piping. Now I have several coolers full of cigars that will age pretty much forever lol. I smoke a variety of blends though I'm not big on the aromatics...