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  1. alonso2

    Tobacco pouch?

    I smoke my pipes mostly at home and the tobacco is in jars, but if I take the pipe out,I use a simg would ple plastic pouch, a zip lock bag would do just as well I guess. Alan.
  2. alonso2

    Show me your Rack!

    mantel by velocipede228822, on Flickr And yet some more.
  3. alonso2

    Show me your Rack!

    pipe rack by velocipede228822, on Flickr A small one.
  4. alonso2

    Show me your Rack!

    6wall by velocipede228822, on Flickr Yet another.
  5. alonso2

    Show me your Rack!

    rack4 by velocipede228822, on Flickr And another.
  6. alonso2

    Show me your Rack!

    rack 3 by velocipede228822, on Flickr Some more I have stacked.
  7. alonso2

    Show me your Rack!

    Scroll pipe rack. by velocipede228822, on Flickr This is the last rack I made.
  8. alonso2

    Building cake

    Another idea is to coat the insikde of the bowl with honey and then tip old ash from previous pipes into the bowl, shake it about and empty it out. I have done this with pipes I have made.
  9. alonso2

    Suggestions for a new smoker?

    Carey's sell sample packs on line.Pack of 6 samples each pouch 5gm at £10 or 9 pack for £15. Probably be a lot cheaper in the USA.
  10. alonso2

    Can We Repair a Cracked Pipe?

    Wow! That is some crack, how did that happen?
  11. alonso2

    Church Warden Variations

    I have a MrBrog churchwarden also, great pipe for the price. Also I have a Mr Brog bent.Great smoker,small price. £12 .It is the pipe above.
  12. alonso2

    What tobacco is the mildest and most aromatic?

    The reason I asked is, I gave up smoking around 40 years ago, but came back to the pipe about a year ago, and I have found that Mac Baren regular blend and Brookfield aromatic to be what I prefere so far, but wanted some other ideas. I used to smoke cigarettes, cigars and the pipe, but now just...
  13. alonso2

    How Many Pipes Do You Own?

    102 at the last count.
  14. alonso2

    What tobacco is the mildest and most aromatic?

    What tobacco would you gents reguard as being both mild and aromatic at the same time. That it to say, Which is your favourite tobacco which has both these qualities?
  15. alonso2

    Church Warden Variations

    Churchwarden. by velocipede228822, on Flickr This is one of my churchwardens and it is a pearwood.
  16. alonso2

    Homemade Rack Finished

    [b]That is a nice little rack.Well done.
  17. alonso2

    Rubber Tips

    The tubing I use is used for syphoning home made beer etc. Cut a short length of the tube and pop it into water that has just boiled. Haul it out with a fork etc, and it will push on to the biggest of stems.It works much better than the rubber things sold in the tobacconists.
  18. alonso2

    Some ?s from a new guy

    I wouldn't carry a meerschaum, too easy to break them. But Falcons has already been mentioned and corncob. Perfect.
  19. alonso2

    Question About Gourd Calabash

    They are great pipes. I unfortunately broke the meerschaum bowl in mine, so turned a wooden one to take its place. calabash by velocipede228822, on Flickr Here it is after the restoration. I will turn another bowl for it out of harder wood later.
  20. alonso2

    Working on Homemade Rack.

    mantel by velocipede228822, on Flickr The wall rack I made last year.