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  1. goalee1


    How do you guys deal with all the state and local tobacco taxes? Im in DC and last Oct or so, DC instilled the same tobacco tax on pipe tobacco and other OTP as cigarettes (96% on wholesale). that more than doubles what prices used to be. IE dunhill tins used to go for like 11-13 and now...
  2. goalee1

    Back after a long hiatus

    Weeeel, been a bit, crazy thing called life got in the way and still is but wanted to say hi again to all the brothers. Got a lot of catching up to do reading post wise ;) G1
  3. goalee1

    DC to Michigan

    Going to be road tripping next week from DC to Michigan via I70-I76 up through PA to Ohio then into Michigan. Picking up a piece of furniture in Commerce. Any shops along the way that are recommended? Not in any kind of rush and will be staying somewhere maybe around Toledo for a night as the...
  4. goalee1

    NY-DC Road Trip

    Looks like I'll be heading up to NY to pick up a car and driving it back to DC. Any suggestions on stops along the NY-DC corridor of shops I should stop in? Will def be on Long Island for a day visiting friends then heading back down towards DC. G1
  5. goalee1

    Short Chicago Trip

    Shot out to Chicago for the 2012 BOTL herf, got there a day early and decided to stop in my old B&M Iwan Ries. Was good to see Kevin the owner as I haven't been up there in over 7 or so years. Bought a few cigars and on the way out a pipe the case nearest the exit caught my eye. I'm a real...
  6. goalee1

    Tobacco Source

    General question on where companies and shops source their tobacco from. Do companies and shops which blend tobacco have certain places where they get their tobacco's from and are they exclusive to per say the individual company/shop? For example, in the cigar world, every company has a...
  7. goalee1

    Boswell Pipe Co.

    I've been looking at Boswell's site for a while now and their Thursday pipes seem to sell out almost as fast as they go up. Was wondering if anyone was a frequent visitor to the shop. Do they have other pipes like the ones they put up on Thursdays? I've only come across one or two that really...
  8. goalee1


    Yes yet another post on Stonehaven. Had a few questions that I didn't' see doing a search so I thought I'd try a new one. I did a cigars for pipe tobacco trade with a long time pipe smoker who was getting into cigars (the opposite from me so it worked out great) at my B&M. Among the samples...
  9. goalee1

    Fresh vs Aging

    Being new to the pipe game, had a question in regards to aging tobacco. With cigars, depending on the blend and origin, laying them down for several years helps with complexity and depth. Many times, cigars are rolled an not aged enough before they are released so they are "green" followed by...