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  1. wolfe64

    Brigham Pipes...What Do You Think ?

    Thanks Pruss it came from a co worker's father, who bought some pipes and a pipe rack at an auction sale and was flipping them. I bought 2 pipes, this being one. Mark
  2. wolfe64

    Brigham Pipes...What Do You Think ?

    I have an old Brigham pipe I bought for $10 and it is the best smoking pipe I have. And it's a 5 dot to boot !!! Mark
  3. wolfe64

    Man, If I Could Have Any Car.....

    That's awesome !!!!!! LOL Mark
  4. wolfe64

    Man, If I Could Have Any Car.....

    I would like to have my old drag car back, this 1923 T with a 468" big block Chev. It ran 9:40's at around 143 mph. Fun ride and I miss it dearly. Mark
  5. wolfe64

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    Surfing the internet and come upon this website. For some reason it immediately reminded me of walking into my Grandparents' house with Grandpa sitting in his Lazyboy smoking a pipe and the aroma was so good. Mark
  6. wolfe64

    What's The Tobacco That You Always Wish You Had More Of?

    Trout Stream, its one of the tobaccos I got in my starter pack and would love to get more. Mark
  7. wolfe64

    Homemade Pipe Rack Ideas

    I found a spice rack at Value Village and cut it down to make a pipe rack. Mark
  8. wolfe64

    Requesting A Rum/Per Recipe

    Not to take away from all the rum talk but I found Anise liquid yesterday and was thinking of trying to mix some with tobacco Ive got. I think this thread has answered my question on how to go about the procedure. Mark
  9. wolfe64

    Pipe # 666

    I wondered what would be a good tobacco to smoke in it lol !!!! The more I look at it the more I want it............. :twisted: Mark
  10. wolfe64

    Pipe # 666

    I think I'll pass on this one ............... Mark
  11. wolfe64

    Bowls per day average

    I used to smoke 1 bowl a day in the evening and maybe 2 or 3 bowls a day on the weekends but since the cold weather come I cannot push myself to smoke in the cold and smoking in the house is a no no. I have not smoked anything in months, waiting for warmer weather. Mark
  12. wolfe64

    Reconstituting Dry Tobacco

    I have been using a mason jar with a paper towel in the lid. Pour water on the paper towel twice a day and turn the tobacco at the same time. The tobacco has been in the jar for a little over a week now and I can feel it is moistening up. Mark
  13. wolfe64

    Turntables and vinyls

    That's awesome of your wife to get you those. I am a turntable junkie. I love the sequence of having to prepare the LP before I play it. I have 12 pairs of speakers, 10 receivers, 6 turntables, 1 1970's era console AM/FM/turntable and at last count which was a few months ago a little over 700...
  14. wolfe64

    Smoking in My Garage In The Winter

    LOL I just watched that movie the other night. Now that's dedication Chris !!!!! Mark
  15. wolfe64


    That's cool. I watched the 1939 version of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles the other night on YouTube. Mark
  16. wolfe64

    Bacon To Be Classified As Dangerous As Cigarettes By World Health Organization

    This !!!!!! Next they"ll be telling us that yoga pants cause cancer 8O Mark
  17. wolfe64

    Photos of You

    Not a very close up pic but it's the only one I have on the computer. I'm the one on the right playing the six string. That was about 3 years ago and I was 60 lbs heavier then. Mark
  18. wolfe64

    Post Your Motorcycle

    My son taking it for a ride !!! lol Mark
  19. wolfe64

    Favorite pipe shape...

    I am loving pokers and hope to own one some day !! Mark