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  1. dennisfbird

    Not Cleaning Between Smokes = Nasty Tar Taste?

    I'm too embarrassed to post..... I'm a bigger slob than I thought
  2. dennisfbird

    Pipes And Related Yard Sale Finds

    wow, around here I never find pipes
  3. dennisfbird

    I Am So Pissed At Myself Right Now I Could Die.

    Remember, the only people that don't have accidents are those that don't do anything. You have now had a learning experience.
  4. dennisfbird

    My first Missouri Meerschaum

    You can take out the filter and cut it in half. This will prevent ashes from coming up the stem but will still allow a smooth draw..... It is recommended that the filter be changed after 10 pipefuls..... I usually wait until the draw becomes restricted, but that's because I'm lazy.
  5. dennisfbird

    Corn Cob Prob

    A further suggestion would be to check out the videos at Scott has a video on how to fix a too loose or too tight stem. He also has a lot of interesting video info about cobs on the site.
  6. dennisfbird

    Three Great Antique Finds. For a Steal.

    A great $20, well spent.....
  7. dennisfbird

    Amusing Photo of NYC Piper

    Sometimes I really miss NYC
  8. dennisfbird

    Packing a partial bowl

    I find I smoke in short spurts..... 10-20 minutes..... then off to do something else.... MM offers the pony and their hardwoods have small bowls too.... and my cheap Indian smokeshop tobacco is dry and smokes fast.... I wish I could sit still for an hour of enjoyment..... alas, it is not to be.
  9. dennisfbird

    Good Grief I'm Getting Outta Hand Here...

    Since joining, I have come to learn what the term pipedreams really means.... when I can sleep, I dream of pipes, tobaccos, aromas, all things pipeish!
  10. dennisfbird

    Mornin Folks. Something To Laugh At...

    Better then some of mine made at 2am..... at least it's a quiet time for a smoke.
  11. dennisfbird

    Show Off Your Indie Pipes Here!

    Unbelievable talent.... great looking pipes....
  12. dennisfbird

    My Recent Ebay Binge

    Great looking stand..... very nicely done.... nice set of pipes too
  13. dennisfbird

    Custom Cob also has a contest called"cobfoolery" and they sell kits to customize your pipe.
  14. dennisfbird

    Oh My God! How Many Pipes Did You Buy!

    :puffpipe: Tis' interesting how each of you deal with the same problem.... I recently purchased the grabbag from MM.... when I offered my wife her choice of cobs, she declined (she doesn't smoke).... so here I sit puffing away... in peace.... thankfully
  15. dennisfbird

    Wild Weather for Pacific NW

    I live on the east side of Washington, close to the Idaho border. Have watched a lot of lightening but mostly to the east. Love to watch while enjoying a pipe.
  16. dennisfbird

    Drills Sizes, Request Tutorial

    And I thought talking about drill sizes would be boring.... my mistake...
  17. dennisfbird

    How Not To Clean A Pipe

    My wife wanted a new dishwasher so I asked whether she preferred a blonde or a redhead...... she told me she didn't care what color his hair was as long as he did a good job.....
  18. dennisfbird

    Pipe Logs

    Impressive all. I'm too lazy to do all that. I walk up to my pipe stand, look longingly at a pipe, pick it out, stuff it full of whichever baccy is handy. Go sit on the deck, light it, tamp it and watch the humming birds..... Hey, I'm old and very retired..... I smoke to think, relax and...
  19. dennisfbird

    Professor's Pipe Sweetening Treatment

    How do you plan on returning the rum you borrowed, hmmm. I have used rubbing alcohol and it seems to dry out soggy bowls and leaves no aftertaste. I do wait till I can no longer smell the alcohol.
  20. dennisfbird

    Cob Cleaning

    where does one get balsa filters?