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  1. jasonmazzy


    Here is a Fillenwarth pipe I call the buffalo. I spent some time as an adolescent working on a buffalo ranch. the shape, color, and texture remind me of those magnificent beasts. I hope you enjoy.
  2. jasonmazzy

    Unknown Pipe #2

    This pipe has a horn stem, gold band, and the stamp was originally filled with gold enamel.Please let me know what you think.
  3. jasonmazzy

    Identify Maker

    Please help me identify and if known please provide information.
  4. jasonmazzy

    The BILTMORE: What Information and Ads Are There?

    I have looked up this brand several times but there seems to be little known about "THE BILTMORE" pipes. It does seem that there are two nomenclatures those being "The Biltmore" and "Biltmore". Pipedia claims these were part of the National Briar Pipe Co. brand out of New Jersey but other than...