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  1. jonahtke

    2nd CobSnob Arrived Today

    I really do need to get one or two of those for myself. Great looking pipes.
  2. jonahtke

    Extended Vacation

    Thank you all for the well wishes. A small update here, I went to my surgeons office to fill out paperwork this morning and it turns out that a secretary/nurse/clerk/etc...scheduled my surgery for the one hospital in town that my insurance doesn't cover. How she managed to do this despite the...
  3. jonahtke

    Am I a "Smoker?" Advice Please.

    My dentist asked me the "are you a smoker" question several weeks ago as I prepared to have a mouthful of fillings. I asked if smoking a pipe once a week made me a smoker and he laughed and said that he wouldn't consider me a smoker unless it was a daily routine.
  4. jonahtke

    How Old Are You?

    I'll be 30 in 10 days.
  5. jonahtke

    Extended Vacation

    Well Ladies and Gents, on Tuesday the 25th I am having my hip replaced. This will be to resolve a flaw that has been present in my hips since I was born. And while I am unreasonably frightened about the whole thing, I am going to get six weeks off of work. Plenty of time to sit at home and...
  6. jonahtke

    Stonehaven and Pezance???

    I think it's an ok smoke. As I've described it here before, it smells like steam rolled oats (horse feed). It's pretty moist and requires some drying before you smoke it or it won't stay lit. For me it was a shrug of the shoulders kind of baccy...not bad, but nothing spectacular either.
  7. jonahtke

    I Dislike Lane 1Q. Anyone Else?

    1Q smells wonderful and has a great room note but I've found that it's not particularly flavorful. If you want to try other bulk aro's, I'd recommend a bit of Scotty's Butternut Burley, it's one of my favorites.
  8. jonahtke

    Where's My Decoder Ring?

  9. jonahtke


    Welcome to the forums.
  10. jonahtke

    I Must Quit Smoking

    What a truly unfortunate situation. However I commend your decision to do what must be done for your health, it shows a great deal of will power.
  11. jonahtke

    Greetings From a New Member

    Welcome to the forums. You have found the best and most knowledgeable group of men and women that it has ever been my privilege to know.
  12. jonahtke

    Dunbar vs Stonehaven

    I still have quite the stash of stonehaven after buying a package last year. I'll smoke it now and again but have never really gotten much enjoyment out of it. It has a very distinct steam rolled oats (anyone with a horse knows what these are) aroma/taste to me. It smokes well enough but...
  13. jonahtke

    How Much do You Guys Smoke a Week?

    One or two a week. Not as often as I'd like but gotta keep the wife happy (it also keeps my cellar pretty easily stocked).
  14. jonahtke

    I'm Getting Married!

    Congratulations! Best wishes for you and your bride.
  15. jonahtke


    I'm a system administrator for our local government.
  16. jonahtke

    Cheat Sheet for New Pipe-Smokers (Need Your Help With Some Crowd-Sourcing!)

    That is wonderful documentation. I may print out copies to guys I bring into the fold.
  17. jonahtke

    Make Your Own Magnetic Pipe Stand!!!

    Nifty, I think I could get behind that, you'd still have to be careful not to scratch up the bottom of your pipes though.
  18. jonahtke

    TAD Gone Wild

    Pics or it didn't happen! Actually I just want to know what 10 lbs of baccy look like all at once. Congrats on the giant pile of tasty goodness.
  19. jonahtke

    What Kinds of Tobacco Should I Try?

    I say try as much as you can. I'm typically limited to aro's due to the tastes of the wife. However I find that I really enjoy other types when I can get away with it. I enjoy new tobaccos just for the sake of trying something new. It has amazed me that each new blend is often times...
  20. jonahtke

    Make Your Own Magnetic Pipe Stand!!!

    Wouldn't that involved attaching magnets to your pipe? While I'd do it in a heartbeat to my cobs, I'm not so sure about the briars.