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  1. dethmutt

    Fireside in the poconos

    Vacation time. And I did pack a ridiculous amount of tins this year. I started with SG Bothy. Probably not the best choice as I’m much more into Virginia’s currently, but it was good, kinda reminiscent of nightcap, but much milder not in the “THIS IS LATAKIA” way that nightcap is loved for...
  2. dethmutt

    Conniston Cut Plug

    Just lit this one up. Currently ive been smoking mostly 1792, but this reminds me of Bosun. I do love the Lakeland, does anyone see any difference between Conniston and Bosun?
  3. dethmutt


    Im eyeing my jar of nightcap, and im beginning to get worried... Seriously? nobody can copy? Has any tried to blend it?
  4. dethmutt

    Dunhill recipes sold?

    I heard a while ago that dunhill had sold the mixes to their blends to (forgive my spelling) kholhasse something. Anyone hear anything on the return of Nightcap???
  5. dethmutt

    Visiting Cincy

    Got out of training early today and decided to visit the tobacco shops in Cincy. Ugh!! Spent an hour trying to get downtown in traffic. Spent 12$ to park then walked about 10 blocks to Straus tobacconist. Scored a Peterson 3p plug and an esoterica Tilbury. Drove back north to Bells...
  6. dethmutt

    Customer Service

    I bought a tin of Sam Gawith 2015 along with the rest of my order... I did not know that it was a display tin, and not sealed. When it arrived with my other goodies I was dismayed to find it as dust. I spent an entire night trying to resurrect it as I really wanted to smoke it. sadly it...
  7. dethmutt

    1792 WOW

    I was told to try 1792 here, but it was always out of stock. I was lucky enough to score a couple tins last week, and WOW.. this stuff is amazing.. Smells like awesome Texas BBQ when you crack the tin. Very moist, so I dried it for an hour and still had trouble lighting it. but damn...
  8. dethmutt

    My Journey so far

    I was a cigar smoker... Perdomo lot 23. and Padron 1964 anniversary . I decided to try a pipe tobacco,,, I bought a cheap pipe off Amazon, and a couple of oz of Lane 1q. I was intrigued. I bought a tin of Dunhill Nightcap, have no idea why. when I opened it I was amazed. The aroma...
  9. dethmutt


    Well then, When it came available, I like many jumped on the option to buy.. I bought many GH blends bulk. I have smoked one. Ennerdale. and never mind what people say . Its Great!!!!
  10. dethmutt


    I've already professed my love for Carter Hall. Today I bring you Captain Black. Again I'm amazed with this one right out of the pouch. Lights, burns, and flavorful. I'm amazed, I would never have thought Capt Black would be worth smoking. Im frightened by the grape. But I will try the...
  11. dethmutt

    Sam Gawith Black Forest

    Picked this one up, honestly cause it was available.. Sav 320. Started ok. Very much honey flavor. wasn't too sweet, then it went sweeter and floral. not in a bad way.. I didn't mind it. end of the bowl is very floral. Was a good smoke! I might have to check out more Lakeland.. If...
  12. dethmutt

    New Rattray Pipe

    Just launched a new pipe. Rattray's marlin. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh nice!
  13. dethmutt


    Ive always been a Zippo guy.. the *Thlunk* adds to the smoking experience.... But I was Gifted a Kiribi Kabuto from the comic contest, and this thing is just incredible!.. It fits you hand perfectly.. the wing is ready for you to flip it open and then the "grinder" is right there. it...
  14. dethmutt

    Empty Jar

    Finished of my jar of Black Duck, and I was like a kid in a candy store looking at the cellar for a new tin! I pulled a 6 month or so tin of Mississippi River Spec Res... Ive never tried it, just bought a bunch of tins when it was on sale. Ive always been a fan of Plum Pudding, so buying...
  15. dethmutt


    Whoop! Lucked into a 8oz Margate from Milantobacco .. Was scanning.. out of stock. out of stock. out out out out in. out out out . wait what??? LOL
  16. dethmutt

    Anniver Cake

    Question: looking for a Fig smoke.. I have stoykbee family, and formers. Does anni cake taste like figs?
  17. dethmutt


    UPS, just delivered my tub of Carter Hall! and variations of stokeyybe flake. YAY!!!!
  18. dethmutt

    Seemed like a good idea

    Well for some reason, I decided to fire up an over the counter tonight. Carter Hall. I picked it up a couple months ago when I was on vacation in the Poconos. I also went against my rules and put it in an unsmoked pipe. I usually always kick off a pipe with nightcap, but for some reason...
  19. dethmutt


    Score!!! 8 oz from pipestud!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!!!
  20. dethmutt


    Wife bought a "buffet" or what ever the hell its called... it had a nice granite top, side storage, and a deep front shelf... Yup.. it became my cellar... moved all my tins into the sides and the bigger tins into the center.. Needless to say my doggo is sleeping in my spot. but at...