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  1. captainbob

    Captain Bob's Blend: I am dissapointed...

    OK, I know what has taken place. Sykes Wilfred owns C&D. BUT,I OWN THE RECEPIE! I DID NOT SIGN A CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT WITH CORNELL AND DIEHL. I have "MY" formula. I also have the sauce formula! I also paid 100% of the cost of the Art-Work which was $350.00! Craig Tarler wanted to...
  2. captainbob

    The FDA is "ramping up on aromatics"

    If you have not already participated in the "Public Opinion" of the FDA (FTCA legislation) cracking down on Aromatics, get ready to have your future spoiled! As the late Craig Tarler warned me,"when the FDA begins the next phase on pipe tobacco, it will become painfully obvious that our days are...
  3. captainbob

    I flew the plane to the Show in Chicago, again!

    Five of the last six years I had good weather to fly the plane to the show. It is a four hour drive that I fly in one hour and 1 minute! What a treat it was. More than five thousand pipes on display and several thousand attendants for 340 exhibitors! I was impressed. It was bigger and better...
  4. captainbob

    Must You Be in Favor of Aro or Non-Aro Blends?

    No. You do not need to be on one side or the other. Recently, I received an email from a smoker of my C&D blends who could not understand why I would want to create both aromatic and non-aromatic tobacco blends for Cornell and Diehl. Now, I do consider Captain Bob's Pot O' Gold Mixture, a...
  5. captainbob

    Satisfaction, Performance and Reward: Specific Pipes & Blends

    In my fifty years of pipe smoking, I have discovered the satisfaction, pipe-performance and rewards of dedicating specific pipes to specific "favorite" blends. Now, it is no secret that I have three of my own C&D Blends. So, I know what I like and I like what I smoke! That being said, my...
  6. captainbob

    I am a lucky Father!

    I must admit that I was blown away when I opened my Father's Day Gift from "my wife". She had contacted Bob Hayes (my Artisan Pipe-Maker) who is Craig Tarler's son-in-law of C&D and a retired Navy Seal. It was pipe number 15 from Bob Hayes and they picked it out together! I am proudly smoking...
  7. captainbob

    I truly appreciate your PM's!

    I get regular PM's from you guys about my C&D Blends. I find it truly gratifying and I answer all your questions promptly. Generally, I do not re-publish in post or topic format your Personal Messages. When you PM me with a question, consider if you want your PM mentioned or placed in a post...
  8. captainbob

    Yes, pipe smoker's have a real problem going forward with the F.T.C.A.

    Get your brain wrapped around this! Then ask yourself if the likes of Cornell and Diehl or McClelland can survive. Or, for that matter, will we be able to afford any pipe tobacco? This is what has been Legislated and Passed! Take a look at one excerpt from the Law as passed and signed into...
  9. captainbob

    Blend versus Mixture?

    Ok, so I have created, with the help of Craig Tarler of Cornell and Diehl, Captain Bob's Blend. Then we created Captain Bob's Ship's Mate Blend. Finally, I personally created a "Mixture". A Mixture is a combination of finished "Blends". Totally different from any of the two created "Blends"...
  10. captainbob

    What are the chances?

    There I was on December 23rd, 2011, standing at the top of Rib Mountain, Wausau, Wisconsin. I had just lit my pipe and was puffing on Captain Bob's Blend and contemplating the Black Diamond run that I was about to ski. A gentleman brushed by me and stopped. He said in a Russian accent "Nice...
  11. captainbob

    Let's discuss Blend Attributes

    Ok, so I am age 62 and have smoked nothing but a pipe since age 12. I started with a Corn Cob and Middleton's Cherry Blend with my pant legs tied shut. Not really. But I remember my Dad telling me to do so if I really was going to smoke that corn cob! As I grew into the hobby, I recognized...