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  1. ivapewithfire

    My first Handmade Pipe

    Foah, good turn around. Those are encouraging and helpful comments.
  2. ivapewithfire

    Whitehall Resto: Before/After (Pics)

    It's difficult to believe it's the same pipe. Outstanding!
  3. ivapewithfire

    How To Get Someone Into the Hobby?

    OK, I know it seemed obvious. Just didn't see it stated. Good luck in your endeavor. The more the merrier!
  4. ivapewithfire

    How To Get Someone Into the Hobby?

    Have you thought of giving him a link to here? Seems like it's a pretty good place to get the information you need. It's either going to take or it won't. You can lead a horse to water, but.....
  5. ivapewithfire

    My Adventure In The World Of Pipes

    Ok, so I love pipe-restoration-porn This definitely fits the bill. Good work! When you say "mounts" are you talking about the stand the pipe is laying on or something else? Either way, keep posting your work, I love this stuff.
  6. ivapewithfire

    So, What Do You Smoke After Eating . .

    Whatever I have that sounds good. Honestly, I'm with cosmic. It doesn't really matter to me. Maybe if I was smoking a pipe WHILE eating, but I'd never do that. I either want to enjoy my meal, or have a pipe. I think trying to do both would take away from either one.
  7. ivapewithfire

    I never win ebay auctions

    A commission is a sure way to win the pipe you are looking for! Have you talked with the maker about what it would cost to commission one? Looks like he does good work. Might be worth it, especially if you are already communicating via e-mail.
  8. ivapewithfire

    My First Peterson Spigot

    Never mind, can't read. You show it as the St. Pat. 2013. From what I can see of it, I'm in love.
  9. ivapewithfire

    My First Peterson Spigot

    Oh my that is sexy! Love it. I have to ask, in the picture of you Peterson collection, what is the second one from the left. I LOVE the coloring on that one. Is it a Shannon?
  10. ivapewithfire

    My first Handmade Pipe

    Oh wow! I'm impressed. I like that rustication. It reminds me of a tree bark pattern. I think everyone should try to make a pipe at least once. It's worth the experience.
  11. ivapewithfire

    Clark Layton Commission

    That is a beautiful pipe!
  12. ivapewithfire

    Snow-pocalypse Round II

    This is the view from my front porch today. I'm thinking I'm going to grill out this evening!
  13. ivapewithfire

    Jorgensen, Nelson, Lindner & Batson

    Peck while I like them all, that first pipe has got to be the best grain I've ever seen. You sir are among the royalty of collectors.
  14. ivapewithfire

    So I Made a Very Short Trip To My Local B&M

    That's just sad to hear. I count myself as one of the blessed because I have a very good B&M just a few miles from my house.
  15. ivapewithfire

    I Bring You The Pipe Turds

    To this whole thread I say, PSHAW!
  16. ivapewithfire

    I Bring You The Pipe Turds

    @daimyo Thanks for showing my dream pipe man. Now everyone is going to out bid me on it!!! ..or, probably not.
  17. ivapewithfire

    Tamping Coin Tobacco

    My only experience with coin cut has been Escudo. It's probably the easiest thing for me to load into a pipe because all I do is fold and stuff. A two coin bundle fits perfect in my smallest pipe. I also find that I get a fine white ash on the burn with smoking it. I get a much better smoke if I...
  18. ivapewithfire

    My Personal Great Flood

    I feel for you man. I've had to deal with water damage myself. It's no fun.
  19. ivapewithfire

    ***What Are You Smoking *** (March 2015)

    A mix of 75% OGS and 25% FVF (leftovers) in a midsize billiard. It's actually pretty good.
  20. ivapewithfire

    At Last - A Mark Twain Peterson!

    When I looked at that pipe I heard harps and a halo appears around it! I really like that. I can't imagine winning it in an auction with my original bid.