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  1. jasonmazzy

    Barbers B Line

    I have compared and they look like the big D generally, and given their relationship with the the owner I am quite curious. My research has pointed to me that they are quite close and spend a fair amount of time together often. I do know they are the first and possibly only shop to get a Dunhill...
  2. jasonmazzy

    Beard Oil: What Is It?

    I make my own. It's easy. I use a bottle of organic jojoba and add 2-3% total volume of essential oils. I prefer cedar and juniper, pine and fir, and spruce patchouli. Any combination of those oils work together and smell great. I always try snd have a bit of patchouli in the base because it...
  3. jasonmazzy

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    The picture is not showing
  4. jasonmazzy

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    I hated every oom Paul I've seen until I ran across Mike Jones picture of a paneled oom Paul seen here I asked for a birdseye paneled version as a commission and I received a stunning pipe.
  5. jasonmazzy

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    Okay, I can't remember how to post pictures from my album
  6. jasonmazzy

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?
  7. jasonmazzy

    Barbers B Line

    Let me ask this: what "famous" London pipe maker other than Dunhill, does a red sandblast? I am not huge on London pipes, so this is an earnest question.
  8. jasonmazzy

    Pipe Pricing Bewilderment

    Fillenwarth and scottie piersel are among my top suggestions.
  9. jasonmazzy

    I Got Hoosier'ed!

    very kind. good on you mate.
  10. jasonmazzy

    Active Members Reply Here

    . Been trying, but it is difficult as I am . 2500 miles from home
  11. jasonmazzy

    Is It Wrong to Love a Pipe... More Than Your Wife??

    Depends on the wife, I guess.....
  12. jasonmazzy

    Information on John Surrey, Ltd pipes?

    Not much out there?
  13. jasonmazzy

    Another Nording Woodcock?

    I think that is the hunter
  14. jasonmazzy


    My post fsiled.... now everyone knows the name Fillenwarth... shucks.
  15. jasonmazzy


    @sablebrush52... Shhhh. Don't let that get out. You're making it hard for me to keep getting good deals. ;)
  16. jasonmazzy

    Charlotte to Greensboro NC

    I am in hickory area.