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  1. greeneyes

    Linkman's Dr. Grabow (1933-37)

    Like many of you who are stuck at home, I've been doing a bit of organizing and getting back to doing some pipe restorations that I otherwise wouldn't have much time for. I'll sometimes buy a "lot" of many pipes because I'm interested in one of them, without much regard for whatever else might...
  2. greeneyes

    FS: Levin-Era McClelland British Woods '92 (1/15/2020)

    I'm posting these tins on behalf of my friend Mark Barsness. Some of you may know Mark. He's a fairly frequent contributor to The Pipe Collector, in addition to being the vice-pres of our pipe club The Great Northern here in the Twin Cities, but he's not on social media or the forums so I...
  3. greeneyes

    Resurrected Pipe - 'Warranted Genuine French Briar'

    Approximately one year ago my wife and I were browsing antiques in a nearby town. I often come across pipes without stems and weigh the "cost-benefit" of having said pipe properly re-stemmed. I came across this beautiful stummel in its case and although I didn't have a provision for its proper...
  4. greeneyes

    Might the Crosby "Golf Course" Pipes Be Merchant Service Products?

    I hadn't been particularly aware of Bing Crosby's preference for Merchant Service pipes. I learned a little more after following the information that was posted just today regarding the "new" Merchant Service pipes [1]. I was aware that there was a particular style of pipe Crosby enjoyed, and...
  5. greeneyes

    The New Peterson (Old Dunhill) Tobaccos Deleted from the Dunhill Tobaccoreviews Folder?

    (To preface: please pardon me if this has been noted elsewhere--I searched and couldn't find it) I was searching for some information about a particular Dunhill mixture in Tobaccoreviews when I noticed it had disappeared. Royal Yacht (for example) has been deleted from the Dunhill folder at...
  6. greeneyes

    October 23rd - St. Paul Minnesota - Father the Flame Screening

    Father The Flame - Theatre Screening - Presented by The Great Northern Pipe Club Don't miss the opportunity to see this excellent documentary and meet world renowned pipe maker, Lee Erck. Tickets still available. Father The Flame follows Lee Erck, a world-renowned pipe maker from far Northern...
  7. greeneyes

    Rattray's Hal O' The Wynd (Original)

    I was fortunate to find a tin of Hal O' The Wynd, blended "by Charles Rattray at Perth Scotland." My guess is that since it was a pull-top, and not a cutter-top tin, it was likely from the late 70s to the late 80s, between the time that pull-tops became widespread and when Rattray ceased...
  8. greeneyes

    Original Rattray's Pipes

    About a month ago I finally had the opportunity to realize one of my dreams as a collector of old UK pipes. These three beautiful Rattray's pipes, original shop-branded from the shop in Perth, Scotland, appeared on eBay. These don't make too many appearances--the last time I saw one was...
  9. greeneyes

    Wesley's of South Africa?

    Anyone here from South Africa? Do you know if Wesley's is still in business? I've been trying to email the mail order operation to order some of their 'houseblends' to try but I seem to get no response from their central email, nor any response from the Facebook pages of their franchises with...
  10. greeneyes

    Help Identifying the Maker of This Pipe

    Well I looked and looked but I just can't seem to find what Pipemaker's marks these correspond to. Perhaps one of you knows? I feel like it must be a contemporary (relatively) American Pipemaker because of the relatively new condition of the pipe and the fact that it has no "made in [country]"...
  11. greeneyes

    Greetings from Minneapolis

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm at the University of Minnesota (UMN). I've been smoking pipes for about 15 - 20 years now, and still getting the hang of it! There's always something new to learn. Looking forward to jumping right in once I get the hang of how everything works around...