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    Kleenest Brand Pipe

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Have any of you guys ever heard of the “Kleenest" pipe brand? I'm thinking of purchasing one and just wondering if it's worth my time (I've never heard of them). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Preserving Stamping While Restoring Pipes

    Good Morning All! I hope ejames sees and responds to this particular topic since I read somewhere else on the forums that he is the resident Dr. Grabow guru. Anyway, I'm currently restoring two Dr. Grabow Golden Duke “Ajustomatic" pipes with the patent #'s stamped in the briar. What's the best...
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    Soggy Bottom Pipe (HELP!!)

    I have a problem I need you guys' help with. No matter what I do (varying packing method, puffing cadence variations, “sipping", etc) I never can seem to smoke a bowl all the way down to “fine white ash" like I've read others talking about. I always...ALWAYS end up with like a little “plug" of...
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    Carey's Smoke Shop “special offer" bogus?

    Okay...I'm sure you've all seen the “special offer" from Carey's. The advertisement says you get a “magic inch" pipe and 4 oz of their best tobacco...“a $60.00 value for $19.95". Well...I just received mine today...the tobacco seems okay. The pipe, on the other hand, is a whole different story...