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  1. eightywon


  2. eightywon

    Falcon Maintenance

    I recently acquired a few estate Falcons, my firsts of this kind. I've only smoked one a few times so far but have been a little disappointed, especially because of the following I feel that they have. Now I may not be the slowest, driest smoker, but when I get a little gurgle, a pipe cleaner...
  3. eightywon

    Happy Birthday Simon (Condorlover1)

    Hope you're enjoying your holiday in sunny Cali.
  4. eightywon

    The Man, The Myth, The Condor Lovin' Legend or I Am Not Worthy

    So a couple of months ago I noticed one of Simon's posts about ridding some of his billiards to make room for some of his preferred cuttys. With a little hesitation and a little reservation, I reached out to him to see if he wanted to sell one of his pipes. Perhaps you might recognize this...
  5. eightywon

    Menthol Pipe Smoker

    This morning I noticed one of my patrons pull up in his truck smoking a cob. Me: Whatcha smoking? H: I'm smoking a pipe. It's pipe tobacco. Me: I saw that. I smoke a pipe too. What kind of tobacco are you smoking? H: Just some very cheap stuff. Me: Captain Black? H: Cheaper than that...
  6. eightywon


    I know asking what gun is best is like asking what pipe is best, but here it goes anyways lol. Looking to buy a .40 cal soon. What should I look for, maybe more importantly what should I stay away from? Open to 9mm or other suggestions. Range/home defense.
  7. eightywon

    Lacing Up Some Coworkers

    2 of my coworkers have been asking me about pipe smoking so I put together a little something for them. Am I forgetting anything?
  8. eightywon

    Mini Vacation PAD- Monterey

    Took a mini 2 day trip to Monterey last week. Time was very limited but I managed to check out 3 shops. First was Hellam's- big shop, lots of cigarettes, no tins, some bulk offerings at very reasonable prices. Some basket pipes and Ascorti pipes on the wall. Lots of novelty, touristy 'junk'- it...
  9. eightywon

    Codger Encounter

    Having dinner in a small town grill I spotted a gentleman sitting in his truck smoking a pipe. I decided to go out and introduce myself. I asked him what he was smoking and he said Captain Black. He immediately seemed interested in talking with me and told me he used to smoke Mixture 79 until it...
  10. eightywon

    Why Do We Smoke A Pipe? SPC's Most Recent Newsletter

    I like Bear's answer best: Well said Bear.
  11. eightywon

    Damn Flys!

    Flys have been bugging me all summer. Tried fly paper and traps, the trap works well, but not well enough. Finally picked up this guy. His name is Audrey III. Anyone else have experience w/ Venus Fly Traps? Advice? His first victim :twisted:
  12. eightywon

    YADO- Yet Another Dunnie Obtainment

    My Birth Year
  13. eightywon

    Dr. Grabow Adjustomatic and Reamer

    I have a used, unsmoked by me, adjustomatic. I was wondering what kind of routine maintenance should be done. The unremovable metal stinger thingy is throwing me off a little. Also there appears to be a little rust, any ideas on how to clean it up a little? Finally, I just picked up a reamer...
  14. eightywon

    Advice on Opening/Cellaring Tins

    I think I've probably smoked 60 or so blends. I also have about 60 or so unopened tins in the cellar that I've yet to try. At my current rate I probably smoke 3-4 tins/month but with an open rotation of 30+, I'm lucky to finish 1 open blend on any given month. I'm actually trying to narrow it...
  15. eightywon

    My New Burner

    5 Burner BBQ grill that is. Yesterday morning my girlfriend woke me up and asked me to help her unload her car: Prior to this we were using charcoal. What a PITA.
  16. eightywon

    A&W- National Root Beer Float Day

    Free root beer floats today! They're also collecting donations for the wounded warriors project. That is all.
  17. eightywon

    Pretty Hot Out Today!

    Macie in the pool...
  18. eightywon

    rangerearthpig...Mind Reader? New Tamper (pics)

    So my collection of tampers... have very recently been making me think it's time I got me one o' them fancy ones. Yes that's a dime super glued to a broken bamboo chopstick. Yesterday right before I was going to log on here and ask for suggestions on where I could find a nice one, I know many...
  19. eightywon

    McClelland's Bulk 800 Black & Lemon

    Found my most hated blend. Glad it was a free sample, but still feel like I got the raw end of the deal. This stuff bites like no other and has no tobacco taste, just chemicals. Wondering if it could be a chemical reaction that's giving me bite because nothing else I've ever smoked ever came...