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  1. photoman13

    Anybody Else Been Enjoying Miskatonic?

    I have pretty much exclusively been smoking it recently. Did anyone else grab some up from Baron?
  2. photoman13

    Audiophiles, Lighter Collectors, And Pipe Smokers!

    I am a huge analog music fan and have had many dreams of the allusive Thoren's turntables. For those of you who don't know the company's history they are a Swedish company who made, and still make, some of the best turntables around. They aren't just finely tuned machines but are a work of art...
  3. photoman13

    Pipe and Tobacco From The Old Cajun!

    I have received many gifts from friends lately and I wanted to share the latest random act of kindness. The Old Cajun sent me this Carey's Magic Inch pipe and classic black tobacco. Thank you so much it smokes great and stays very cool. The carburetor feature actually works pretty well and I can...
  4. photoman13

    Another Random Act Of Kindness!

    Herbindave Sent me this Brebbia pipe, about 2 ounces of Black House, and a sample of Sextant! You guys really don't have to give me anything I love having friends of the pipe but I do really appreciate it. Thanks Dave!
  5. photoman13

    Anybody Try Any Of The Brigadier Black P&C Exclusive Tobacco

    I noticed they are having a sale on these tobaccos. Anybody try them before?
  6. photoman13

    If You Are/Have Been A Pipe Maker Or Owned A Pipe Shop

    I haven't met any of you on the forum and am just curious how many of you are or have Been A Pipe Maker Or Owned A Pipe Shop. I don't care if you have only made one pipe or a thousand or if your shop was open a year or 50. It would be cool to see who among us have made this hobby a job and/or...
  7. photoman13

    Holy Cow Look What Cigrmaster Sent Me!

    Thank you so much. It really warms my heart that someone would give me such an amazing gift. This pipe is huge! Well bigger than any of my other pipes. The cumberland stem you had made for it looks fantastic! I will be sending you a thank you of tobacco in the mail as soon as I feel I have...
  8. photoman13

    My Dream Pipe - Let Me Know What You Think.

    This will be a Cherrywood/Poker. I will probably have this commissioned in a couple of months.
  9. photoman13

    Whiskey Barrel Wooden Sunglasses

    I think I need a pair to keep my Ray Bans company. Shwood makes all their sunglasses out of wood. There is even a line made out of Bushmills whiskey barrels. Here is the website if anyone wants to look at them. Here is a video they made in a colaboration of Pendleton Woolen Mills...
  10. photoman13

    Going to Work - Morning Routine.

    First I take a shower and get dressed. I then like to grab a cup of coffee and watch an episode of How It's Made with my girlfriend. Something about watching that show makes me happier when I have to work myself. I might also add that my girlfriend just bought a Keurig and I really enjoy it...
  11. photoman13

    Edwards Pipe Dating?

    I bought a cheap pipe on Ebay and when I received it I was surprised to find that it is an Edwards pipe! I am trying to date it. Maybe you guys can help. It says Edwards on the shank (Surprisingly on the top). On the bottom it says ALGERIAN BRIAR and the 72 and either a 1 or a 4 here is a picture.
  12. photoman13

    Matches - Brands And Kinds!!!

    My question for all you guys is not whether lighters or matches are better as I use both. I am curious what brand of matches you guys use? If it isn't a specific brand maybe it is a specific type? Where do you buy them?
  13. photoman13

    Who To Watch On Youtube For Pipe Related Commentary?

    I watch a few but not really any exclusively. One that really sticks out to me is StogieFarts. He seems really comfortable with the camera and I just enjoy what he has to say. This pipe he smokes is gorgeous and what he talks about is one of the reasons I enjoy smoking pipes...
  14. photoman13

    Would Love To See Your Poker Pipes!

    I wanna see your poker pipes. If it's a cherrywood I don't descriminate! I want one real bad. Let's see what you have so I can appreciate them more. Briar, Meerschaum, Pearwood, bone I don't care. Let's see them if you got them!
  15. photoman13

    There Are a Bunch of New Storient Meers!

    I don't know if it has been posted but there are a bunch of new meers on Storient's website. You guys might want to take a look.
  16. photoman13

    Senior Member Status!

    I do believe this is the first time I have been called a senior. I love this website and all you guys. I have done some amazing things through this forum: I won a Storient pipe from Yavuz, Tried and loved Baron's Miskatonic University blend, acquired some decades old tobacco from Papipeguy...
  17. photoman13

    Just Had My Best Vinyl Search Experience!

    My girlfriend and I love Alro Guthrie's song Alice's Restaurant so today we decided to go on a hunt through Knoxville, TN to find it on vinyl. We went to a few thrift stores with no luck so we decided to hit up our favorite vinyl shop. When we entered the shop we were greeted by a mastiff puppy...
  18. photoman13

    Who Has The Beautiful Savinelli 320?

    I would love to see some pics of this pipe. Does anyone suggest a certain style? How cool do they smoke?
  19. photoman13

    Radiator Pipes?

    I'm curious if these pipes are any good? Are they just a failed marketing technique? Does anyone have one? Anybody have the knowledge to enlighten me... Here are a few pics of what I'm talking about in case it isn't clear.
  20. photoman13

    How Do You Fix A Hole In A Lucite Stem?

    I recently bought an estate pipe with a lucite stem. The stem has a tiny hole probably from clenching. Is there any way to repair it?