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  1. caliguy

    Anti-smoking forces mobilize in Alabama

    Jimbo - You want the media to actually participate in investigative journalism? Why, when it's just so easy to report what the other guy has said without checking the facts. And it must be true or the other guy wouldn't have said it in the first place, right? Any journalist who accurately...
  2. caliguy

    How often do you smoke a pipe?

    It depends on the time of year. While it's difficult enduring the harsh San Diego winter, I always smoke on the back patio or front porch and that's usually at the weekends. 2 - 3 bowls on a Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both. During the summer when the days are longer I will light up a bowl...
  3. caliguy

    Help with photos

    You guys are going to kill me, but here, yet again, is another question on posting photos to the forum. I was reading through Bob's instructions on posting photos and after the 57th page I passed out. Is there an easier way? (I'm using a Mac by the way)
  4. caliguy

    New pre 1955 Marxman.

    A real beauty Tommy
  5. caliguy

    Your Favorite Material Items

    Tommy, thanks for the reminder. NEVER forget the beer.
  6. caliguy

    New Peterson and new to me Cavicchi

    Both very different and both very nice. Enjoy!
  7. caliguy

    What are You Reading?

    Just finishing up "Adolf Hitler" by John Toland. Fascinating stuff.
  8. caliguy

    What are you listening to?

    So much good stuff. This morning it was Vivaldi and now it's swing music from our local PBS station. Maybe some classic rock later on. Just so much good music to chose from.
  9. caliguy

    Not On The Sidewalk Either

    I used to be stunned by the stupidity of actions like this. Now I'm shocked when this sort of thing doesn't occur. What's next, banning toys in Happy Meals? Oh, right, I forgot. :roll:
  10. caliguy

    San Diego Pipe Club

    I'm in!
  11. caliguy

    Continuing my quest to be a crotchety old man at 20...

    Several years ago I was at our local movie theater and complaining about the prices while I bought my ticket. I then received the "Senior Discount". I wasn't asked for ID and I wasn't even 50 at the time. That's when I knew I'd made it to Crotchety Old Man status.
  12. caliguy

    Your Favorite Material Items

    Having been divorced twice, I've lost more stuff than I can remember. It all seemed so very important at the time. The only things I really miss are the family heirlooms that seem to have gone off in one direction or another. I do like my toys. My BMW GS650, my pipes, books, and various other...
  13. caliguy

    Continuing my quest to be a crotchety old man at 20...

    Nice watch Collin. Pocket watches seem to have a more human scale to them don't they? I've got an old Ball railroad watch that I tote around on occasion. Less so now that my pockets are tighter due to my pants shrinking. Well, they are fitting tighter. As for crotchety old man stuff, go with the...
  14. caliguy

    Do Expensive Pipes Really Smoke Better?

    I'm with Bob, you can never really tell until you light up. I have no way of knowing what to tell you as to the smoking qualities of high end pipes. I tend to buy pipes for less than $100.00. Actually well less than that. One of my favorites is a factory second basket pipe. It's unfinished and...
  15. caliguy

    Uncle Arthur!!!

    Can't wait to see your latest acquisition Tommy. Uncle Arthur you're a true man of the pipe. Okay, that may not have been said correctly but you know what I mean.
  16. caliguy

    Congratulations to cortezattic!

    Congrats Cortez, well done! As for the rest of you, you're all the craziest bunch of ne'er-do-wells I've ever met. That's why I like it here :D
  17. caliguy

    Do you smoke on the road?

    I tried smoking my pipe during my commute but the re-lighting is a b*#&! on my motorcycle.
  18. caliguy

    Is there any other woman pipe-smoker out there?

    What do you mean, "Old" men Bob? You young Whipper-snapper!
  19. caliguy - What You Need to Know

    Sure Bob, go ahead and brag.
  20. caliguy - What You Need to Know

    Kevin, it seems like you decision not to rent out Pipe Babes was a bit...hasty. Perhaps you should reconsider. We do know where you live.