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  1. mateusbrown

    Any Experience with These Petersons ?

    I've got a 314 system spigot and a 317 system, both P-lips. Both are good pipes and the only two I have been smoking for the past few months. They are similar in shape to the 312. The 317 is small and light while the 314 is a little larger, but lighter than the 312. Easy to clench or let hang...
  2. mateusbrown

    Nicotine or Relaxation?

    Both: the nicotine contributes to the relaxation, and the relaxation reinforces the nicotine's affects since they both take place at the same time. Nighttime pipe time takes place when I've gotten everything done I can do for the day and all that is left is to sit down, smoke my pipe, and watch...
  3. mateusbrown

    My Backyard Pipe Shed - “The Smokehouse”

    This is awesome! Love the German, raucherbereich, for the name. I think I would have to have a recliner to take naps in there, too.
  4. mateusbrown

    Jaguar Balls

    I clicked on this because it said jaguar balls. Then I saw that you are from Brazil. The I thought of the drink leite de onça and then onça pintada, which means jaguar, of course. Then I remembered the song of the same name as the drink, and now I'm listening to the song "Leite de Onca,"...
  5. mateusbrown

    Pipe Sighting at the Movies

    A little obscure for Americans, but here is Oh Shucks...Here Comes Untag, a comedy by Leon Schuster, who is a South African filmmaker and director, and this is him starring in the film, smoking his pipe in this scene, at the end of which, he screams, "Bliksems!" Translates to "bastards." That's...
  6. mateusbrown

    Question about mixing tobaccos.

    I mix together Dark Kentucky (1/3) with C&D Burley #3 (2/3), which is Burley with Perique mainly. No toppings, flavorings, or casings, just straight tobacco. Put it in a little plastic container and shake to mix, no layering. Excellently strong and smokes well. Only regret is that both are high...
  7. mateusbrown

    New Peterson p-lip

    That has to be it. Each one has a different feel to it.
  8. mateusbrown

    New Peterson p-lip

    So I got me another Peterson the other day, a 314 smooth system spigot just like in the picture. I have a 317 already, but just the standard type with the nickel collar and without the metal on the stem. The tip of the p-lip as you can see in the upper right=hand corner of the picture is a bit...
  9. mateusbrown

    How Long Have You Smoked a Pipe?

    About two years in with pipes and enjoying it, and about to hit the big 5-0 in March. The idea was that the pipe would replace cigarettes although that has not yet come to pass. Started with cigars about 1992 or so, and smoked them off and on, but consistently smoking cigarettes for the same...
  10. mateusbrown

    Saint Nick’s Pipe/Santa Claus’ Preference

    According to this article on the physics of Santa Claus, he would at the very least need a wind cap of some sort if he does indeed smoke a pipe while traveling in his sleigh. He obviously has access to technology that defies our understanding of physics as per their calculations, in order to...
  11. mateusbrown

    My First Peterson

    I've got the exact same pipe, and it is my favorite, p-lip and all. It's easy to clean and always a pleasure to smoke. If I had not found out about Petersons I would have probably not have stuck with pipe smoking. Love the style of your initial story's tone and word usage. Very creative...
  12. mateusbrown

    School me on Tobacco Flavorings

    One of my students in 12th grade traps and sells raccoons, especially around Christmas, as lots of folks around here (super-rural south-central Georgia) include them in their Christmas dinners and festivities. He offers the option of shooting it before delivery, or he will deliver it live. I...
  13. mateusbrown

    Show off Your Smoking Rooms!

    Don't forget seed oils.
  14. mateusbrown

    Farmer Brown Smokes!

    These look like the books I used to read way back when I was a kid! Good memories!
  15. mateusbrown

    WW1 Pipes & Songs

    Love this song!
  16. mateusbrown

    WW1 Pipes & Songs

    My grandfather, my dad's dad, was in WWI. Born in 1895, shipped out in the U.S. Army to Europe in 1917 and returned the next year. He was in France in the Argonne Forest. I never got to meet him as he passed in 1966 a few years before I was born. By all accounts he was a good fellow. The story...
  17. mateusbrown

    Wanting a Small Chambered Pipe: Recommendations?

    The Peterson 317 is a good smaller pipe. I've got the p-lip version. I like it a lot, smokes great, easy to clean, able to take apart hot due to army mount, etc.It comes in smooth or rustic versions, or at least it did.
  18. mateusbrown

    Tongue Sensation with Dark Fired Kentucky

    I get the exact same thing with dark Kentucky smoked alone or with my favorite Burley-Perique, to which I sometimes add some dark Kentucky. It is indeed prickly or a spicy sensation but not a burned or bitten tongue. I rather like it in any case, but it is allayed as mentioned by drinking...
  19. mateusbrown

    I've got no Reason to Quit

    James 4:14 states, "For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." Some English translations use fog, or mist, or puff of smoke. The Vulgate uses "vapor." The Afrikaans versions use "miswolkie" or "damp," which are "mist-cloud" or "vapor."...
  20. mateusbrown

    Seven Bowls In: Tips and Comments Appreciated

    As much as I love this tobacco for its strength, awesome barbecue-vinegar tin note, and so on, it is tricky to smoke dried or rubbed and put into the pipe with no drying. It is always hard to get going, and I have found that after the first light, the relight, and maybe even a third light and...