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  1. DedHed Piper

    How Often Do You Smoke a Pipe?

    4-5-6 bowls a week.
  2. DedHed Piper

    Best VaPer Straight From the Tin

    Well, I just get tossed between the mightyness of all the different options. I dicide I totally enjoy Peterson DLNR... or St James Flake the most, until I get out the tin of Solani 633 and think that is surpsingly fantastic together with some Salty Dogs smokes in between. Then I of course go...
  3. DedHed Piper

    Core Four

    Atm, my top four: Capstan Squadron Leader Old Gowrie Peterson De luxe Navy Rolls Makhuwa Fayyum Kake St James Flake Solani 633 Nightcap Quiet Nights Maltese Falcon Presbyterian Orlik Golden Slice aaaaaand Skiff. That was about four, right?
  4. DedHed Piper

    Delusional Burly

    I´m not a big Burley fan and most of the blends I’ve smoked have been unsatisfactory for me. I do however adore some blends with burley as a perhaps smaller component; Solani Silver Flake, Reiners Long Golden Flake and two of my absolute favourites, Hal o the Wynd and Old Gowrie. The only...
  5. DedHed Piper

    G.L. Pease English blend recommendations.

    Ok, not the heavy, creamy english, but… Maltese Falcon. Also a fantastic smoke.
  6. DedHed Piper

    Escudo Alternative

    some other ones would be Solani 633 and Salty Dogs, both grand smokes in the Vaper family. other than that I would also recommend the Rattray trinity, but with Old Gowrie on top. Fantastic Vaper(bur).
  7. DedHed Piper

    My Tobacco Cellar and Pipe Cabinet

    Yes, we swear a lot putting IKEA stuff together. We swear a lot when not doing it as well. Feels awesome. Nice Cabinet.
  8. DedHed Piper

    HRCB? Pipe

    Hillary Rodham Clinton & Bill. Yep, they made pipes before today's shenanigans on the political arena. Or perhaps not.
  9. DedHed Piper

    Huge Estervals Sale

    And those bastards (no, it's crappy EU rules) do not send to Sweden anymore. Sadness.
  10. DedHed Piper

    Your "No Fuss/Go To" Tobacco?

    Some pre-rubbed up Capstan Blue or Squadron Leader is the daily favos. For the occational morning smoke (not too common anymore since I'm turning a once a day kinda smoker) HU's English Breakfast.
  11. DedHed Piper

    Disappointed with EMP

    I was also kinda let down by EMP, perhaps due to high expectations. I turned to Presbyterian for the morning smoke and hen to Skiff Mixture. In the end it was HU Tobaccos English Breakfast that took the spot for me and I have stashed a fair bit of it. The EMP have been in a jar now for.. like...
  12. DedHed Piper

    What Music Are You Listening To - May, 2023

    Now: MAGMA and their Udu Wudu. De Futura is a monster of a song.
  13. DedHed Piper

    Favourite Tin Illustration

    Ok, some have new tins and some have old tins. I'd say vintage tins are superior overall in the design even if we leave out the hideous warning of today. But I'm also a fan of sign paintings of old and the galant use of fonts. Hand made. Not computer made.
  14. DedHed Piper


    Thank you for that thorough answer. One learns new stuff every day.
  15. DedHed Piper


    Here in Europe those are not allowed to be called Cohibas even. They’re called ”Silencio” because (as I read it) ”Europe recognises Cubas right to protection of the brand” which US does not. It seems they are not connected with Cohiba whatsoever… can anyone who knows more than me clarify?
  16. DedHed Piper

    Buying American tobaccos in Europe?

    Yes, I saw that and tried a direct mess instead. Thank you.
  17. DedHed Piper

    Buying American tobaccos in Europe?

    Just hijacking thread quickly to see if Anchovies is still around. And if so? What company was the BIG succesful one? The BF one? Don’t remember seeing any pipe smokers there…😀
  18. DedHed Piper

    Jim's Revised Escudo Review.

    Is it just me and my somewhat crappy memory, but didn't Pease stop making some of his first popular blends, like Bohemian Scandal or such, just because he couldn't get hold of the same exact tobaccos anymore? If that is the case, I'm liking it. Shows some pride in the product.
  19. DedHed Piper

    Tobacco Knife (My Grandpa’s Old Case XX)

    I use an old folding pocket knife my father left in an old box of tobacco stuff after he went to the otherworld a bunch of years ago. I saw, and smelled, on the blade that he had used it for some more ”Jazzy” stuff than normal pipe tobacco. My mom tells me of the time in the end of the sixties...