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  1. JRW11b

    A Pound of Dried Up Samples

    Tell me more about these "ancient aromatics"....
  2. JRW11b

    Your "No Fuss/Go To" Tobacco?

    SWRA.....there, I said it.
  3. JRW11b

    Peterson: Royal Yacht, but stronger?

    I second this strategy..
  4. JRW11b

    Sharing the Love?

    My buddy I served in the military with got me hooked. I happen to live a few minutes away from another of my buddies I served with who still happens to be in and I've gotten him into it as well. Bought him a couple decent cobs and supply him with a steady stream of tobacco. Several months later...
  5. JRW11b

    Instant Favorites

    SOE Flake Chelsea Morning Billy Budd and oddly enough SWRA
  6. JRW11b

    Tasting Tobacco Is Mostly For Me Over Retrohale

    Strictly retro for me...
  7. JRW11b

    I Have An Opinion

    The resident tin note expert has spoken.
  8. JRW11b

    This is a Bit Extreme.

    Seriously. I can't take ANYTHING that comes out of Canada even remotely seriously. As bad as things are here in the US, I'm immensely glad I don't live in Canada.
  9. JRW11b

    Disappointed with EMP

    I was thinking this exact same thing.
  10. JRW11b

    Oriental Blend Recommendation

    +100 for Tashkent as well. I'm surprised it was only mentioned once.
  11. JRW11b

    Washing Mason Jars?

    Nope. Never washed mine. Never had any issues and certainly don't smell anything "off" in a new jar either. People who say they do, I swear its probably just all in their heads.
  12. JRW11b

    Palate Crosstraining

    I smoke Latakia when its 100 degrees outside, because I like it. I also drink heavy stouts and porters during the summer. Never got into the whole seasons affect my taste thing. I know what I like and smoke it when I want to. ^^100% this..
  13. JRW11b

    Filter Or No Filter?

    Filters greatly mute the flavor for me. Not worried about a cool smoke as I've learned to slow it down. But, you know, YMMV and all that.
  14. JRW11b

    Sidelined by Carter Hall

    I LOVE carter hall as well as SWRA. I honestly smoke more of those 2 than probably anything else I have as of late. Glad you enjoy it.
  15. JRW11b

    Hello From Central Texas

    Welcome from West Texas!!
  16. JRW11b

    I’m a Grandpa!

    Oohh, the raccoon, aka the Trash Panda.
  17. JRW11b

    Packing a Pipe

    100% this
  18. JRW11b

    As a Perique Lover, I Wish I Still Drank!

    Gross. Can't stand perique.
  19. JRW11b

    Who Taught You to Smoke a Pipe?

    Muttonchop Piper
  20. JRW11b

    15 Year Anniversary Gift From my Wife

    What a beauty. Congrats on the anniversary milestone. That's fantastic.