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  1. luigi

    Opening A Tin? Show Us!

    Motzek - 16/5 Der Neue. After two years of jar it's still interesting but I liked it fresh better.
  2. luigi

    Mac Baren Dark Twist

    It's too mild for my taste, adding a few straps of Bold Kentucky or Rustica makes a good combo. It burns nicely and shines in the biggest bowls you have.
  3. luigi

    How to Maintain Adequate Taste.

    It's really worth to take your time for the initial lighting. First false light, then true light, preferably with a match. I enjoy taking my five minutes in the morning to carefully light the bowl, preparing it for several smokes during the day. After that you can relight as many times as needed...
  4. luigi

    Do You Rotate your Pipes?

    It looks quite nasty after a smoke and I'm happy that all that brown stinky stuff doesn't end in my mouth. The biggest advantage for using filters is that they absorb the moisture. Being a wet smoker I always have problems with gurgling and condensation in the stem. While gurgling can be...
  5. luigi

    The Most Disappointing Tobacco

    Borkum Riff and Amsterdamer. Garbage. Clan isn't much better. It's so widely available that many probably like it. I'm happy for them but if that was the only blend on earth I would quit smoking.
  6. luigi

    Strong Blends, Gentle on the Throat and Sinuses?

    When a blend is too mild I just add a few strips of some strong one. For example a bowl of pure virginia with a slice of a strong rope which is hard to be smoked itself in larger pipes. Or a pinch of pure perique. Of course it's much more handy to find a blend that fits your taste and nicotine...
  7. luigi

    Opening A Tin? Show Us!

    G. L. Pease Union Square from 2018.
  8. luigi

    Up with What are You Lighting ?

    A match or two for false light and Bic or Kiribi for true light and relights.
  9. luigi

    (Im)practical Pipe Tool

    Nice one but I wouldn't want to subconsciously reach for a hot cartridge once I get used to empty shell tampers. :D
  10. luigi

    (Im)practical Pipe Tool

    I figured it out. Rotating it so the edges reach all the surface works fine. A square is probably not the best invention for round pipes but it's manageable. Recently I've discovered there are also oval pipe chambers. For example Savinelli Ovalina. An oval tamper would probably fit but an oval...
  11. luigi

    (Im)practical Pipe Tool

    I got a new pipe tool which turned out to have a squared tamper instead of a circular one. I don't find it very practical, what do you think? If you had one, would you grind it? I think I'll go for that. It was a cheap one anyway. The tamper surface is just a little bigger than the one a classic...
  12. luigi

    Different Break In Methods

    Smoke it down to the bottom sounds like smoke a dottle. Yuk.
  13. luigi

    How Many Open Blends?

    Not a tad, just bought several new tins, not a pad as I picked up 3 pipes recently. Tin opening disorder! It helps to know you're not alone. Trying to stay at 4 but I have about 10 opened tins.
  14. luigi

    Show Us Your Savinelli Pipes!

    I couldn't resist this Ottagono shape. Turned out to be a good choice as it smokes perfectly. Savinelli has never let me down. The stem is just psychedelic.
  15. luigi

    Do You Rotate your Pipes?

    I smoke every bowl in different briar pipe, using 9mm filters and changing them after every bowl. The same pipe smoked twice or a filter used twice in a row doesn't feel as tasty as everything fresh. It's just me. If you can't tell the difference it probably doesn't matter. However sometimes I...
  16. luigi

    How Many Pounds are you Smoking?

    My favorite is Solani Silver Flake. I smoke 3lb per year and have 20lb in a cellar.
  17. luigi

    Kajun Kake - C&D Classic

    Officially: smoked a tin some years ago and didn't like it. People around me disliked it as well. Unofficially: it smelled and tasted like camel droppings, made everybody around me asking if something was rotting somewhere in the corner. If CD was selling dried animal crap tins with a nice...
  18. luigi

    Dark Twist and a Pinch of Perique

    It's always fun to dress any tobacco with some Perique, Oriental or whatever spice you like. 👍
  19. luigi

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2023?***

    Hu Tobacco - Nashville County in Altinay meerschaum.