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    Is this Mold?

    Ha, good one! I can't compete with that level of intellectual rigor, I'm out. -dobbs
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    Is this Mold?

    Please provide the studies separating your opinion from other forms of magical thinking, I'm here to learn. -dobbs
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    Anyone Tried These New Peterson 3 Year Cask Aged Blends?

    I picked up a couple of tins of the Virginia in Austria and smoked one bowl while I was there. I wasn't compelled to smoke a second. I still have both tins and will try it again, but with so many other great Virginias to smoke, it will probably be quite a while before I get around to it. -dobbs
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    Have Any Blends Gotten Better?

    @mso489 is the MVP of posting on this forum, y'all should recognize. That's mostly what I posted to say, to the question, I'm not sure, only been smoking a pipe for 3 years, I'll get back to you in 20 more. -dobbs
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    Marlin Flake Tastes Like Stonehaven?

    I fired up some Marlin Flake today because of this thread. I totally see where you're coming from, but they're rather different to me. I think the burley in Stonehaven takes it to a very different place, and the jar note is much more blueberry (fruity anyway) to me than the Marlin, but the...
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    Article on Pipe Smoking in The Spectator.

    Funny enough, he states his intentions right in the title: "...confessions of a pipe-smoker..." It seems rather obvious. -dobbs
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    PSA: Check Your Tins Folks!

    To me it is most important to understand the level of risk, determine reasonable storage procedures to minimize that risk, and understand that nothing is perfect. I'm more in the school of @bullet08 storage practices, but I do have a vacuum sealer and textured mylar bags. I put the contents...
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    Tobacco Globalism

    The smartest comment in this thread (and it actually addressed the topic!!) was essentially ignored. This place is like most car wrecks: I stop to see if I can help, but usually just keep going because my input won't change a damn thing. -dobbs
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    Dry Smoking Tobacco-Forward Aromatics?

    Wish I could help, but I haven't smoked any of those others. -dobbs
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    Dry Smoking Tobacco-Forward Aromatics?

    I second the Mac Baren Vanilla Roll Cake, plenty of vanilla flavor, but more of a supporting role to the tobacco. It is one of the few aromatics I smoke. -dobbs
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    Carolina Red Flake Is Yucky

    Some tastes are acquired and everyone chooses when they've tried enough and cut bait. -dobbs
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    Science of Plume/Bloom/Crystals on Tobacco

    If the source material is that controversial, it needs to be peer-reviewed. You guys need to take off the tinfoil hats. -dobbs
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    Science of Plume/Bloom/Crystals on Tobacco

    Not if you actually read source material. I don't do it often, but fact based science exists. -dobbs
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    Pipe Smoker vs "Guy who Smokes a Pipe"

    agreed, it seems like a ridiculous thing to care about -dobbs
  15. D

    Tapping out ash...

    As you can tell by the replies, it depends... Sometimes tamped ash will choke the ember and the pipe won't burn properly, that's generally when I get rid of it. I stir just the top, ashy part, and invert the bowl. Most of the ash falls out, then most times I'll blow across the top of the bowl...
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    Hangover Solution.

    Buncha old men in this thread... Best cures in order: 1) Water, aspirin, and go back to sleep 2) Water, aspirin, huge bowl of menudo, a cup of coffee, and one beer 3) Water, aspirin, a big greasy breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes, more bacon), a cup of coffee, and one beer Resist the...
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    More Mold Identification

    This is an amazing offer, I really hope it gets taken and acted on, thanks @greeneyes for your generosity. I'd offer to send some your way, but none of my pipe tobacco or cigars have any right now. Opinions are nice and all, but facts are better. -dobbs
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    More Mold Identification

    There's no such thing as plume/bloom, it's all mold. Seriously, it's all mold or bacteria. Per @Andriko above, the FOH study which was mentioned is the only reasonably scientific study out there, and everyone who smokes cigars should read the whole thing: FOH Mould Study -...
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    Has Cringle Lost its Luster?

    Limited edition/seasonal release just means they aren't planning to make that particular tobacco a permanent fixture in their catalog. Is it hype marketing? Maybe, but it's also honest. I'm not a manufacturer, but part of the point is that variety can be offered without committing an entire...
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    Rum Tobacco Blends

    I've been experimenting with infusing my own and have had some success. I've been infusing VaPers and they take well, but the infusion definitely lessens after some weeks in the jar. I'm trying longer infusion times to see if I can't get it "fixed" For what it's worth, you're not going to get...