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  1. perdurabo

    Cornell & Diehl - Dreams of Kadath (The Old Ones) review

    The topping is Plum Brandy.
  2. perdurabo

    ***What are You Smoking, March 2022?***

    C&D Nutcracker in a Meer
  3. perdurabo

    Peterson Finishes

    I’ve got two Peterson’s and I love them. I haven’t smoked a pipe for 30 years but I think it’s cool you can tell the difference in older and newer models.
  4. perdurabo

    Gaslight Vs. Nightcap?

    Gaslight Hands down. But I love Nightcap, it’s all about the perique.
  5. perdurabo


    GLP Cairo C&D Dreams of Kadath C&D Shandygaff My favorites right of the top of my Head.
  6. perdurabo

    Nicotine Test for Benefits at Work

    It’s quit the pipe for awhile or find insurance somewhere else. Good luck!
  7. perdurabo

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2022?***

    Covent Garden in a Cob.
  8. perdurabo

    Greed & Gluttony

    Sounds like a whole lotta mental constructs.
  9. perdurabo

    C&D Pegasus

    I’ve got some tins and jars of Pegasus in the cellar. Lovely stuff. Another good one is Shandygaff. The only reason I bring it up is because I was smoking a lot of it around Thanksgiving and Christmas last year.
  10. perdurabo

    DUNE is a Dud.

    The Trailer seemed Dry. Dune is my all time favorite sci-fi series, I never expected the remake to be worth my time. I loved the 1984 original, but mainly because of the all star cast. I’ll stick with the book on this one.
  11. perdurabo

    Rubber Stem protectors

    I use them, I’ve grown accustomed to them. I would suggest taking them off after each smoke to clean them. All of my pipe stems would be chewed off by now if i didn’t use them. How many times could I type “them” in one post, ?
  12. perdurabo

    What Got You Into Pipe Smoking?

    It was the obvious manly thing to do.
  13. perdurabo

    Ropp Failure

    Damn, I got three of them and they are fantastic. I’d return it.
  14. perdurabo

    Why is Penzance the Ultimate Mythical Unicorn?

    I like Penzance, but I have more to do with my life than stay glued to my device trying to order some. There’s plenty of other stuff to smoke,That’s better in my opinion.
  15. perdurabo

    Outside of these Forums

    Damn I never thought about it. I just like the stuff.
  16. perdurabo

    Forbidden Thread??

    I thought this was going to be another Penzance Thread!? Beautiful Cabinet, by the way.
  17. perdurabo

    Honest Question: Why do we Care what a Smoker calls Himself?

    Pipe smoker gets me tons of strange looks.
  18. perdurabo

    Quiet Nights and the Soda Thing

    I’m still catching the soda note in bottom third of the same pipe. I’ve smoked Quiet Nights in another smaller pipe with no sign of the soda note. It seems to be this specific pipe and it’s larger size chamber.
  19. perdurabo

    Quiet Nights and the Soda Thing

    It’s a Sparkling club soda taste around the edges of the tongue. I am still getting the soda note, but it’s more prominent in a larger pipe and 2/3 in. I just wanted to know if anyone else got the same flavor. Obviously not.
  20. perdurabo

    Quiet Nights and the Soda Thing

    It was still present with Delayed Gratification. We will put this down to first bowl subjective experience. Who knows. Maybe I don’t know what the hell soda note is.