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  1. captpat

    War Horse Plug?

    Any updates as to when the plug version of War Horse will be available. I haven't heard anything lately.
  2. captpat

    DuPont Lighter Question

    Just purchased a new S T DuPont Ligne2 with a pipe burner and I can't get it to light. It's filled with DuPont fuel and I'm getting good spark, takes multiple strokes to light, sometimes 10+. Is there some trick to this or is it time to return for warranty adjustment? It lights readily if I...
  3. captpat

    Bengal Slices Moisture Question

    I just opened a tin of Bengal Slices that I obtained about a month ago, contents seemed pretty dry to me, crumbles readily no effort at all. The tin seal seemed okay got the "whoosh" when I opened it and it seems to smoke okay. Is this consistent with the experience of others?
  4. captpat

    Danish Pipe Shop?

    I'm thinking of ordering a pipe from, shipped to US. Interested in other experiences dealing with them. Thanks
  5. captpat

    Piping in the news

    Check out this link -- Dad with pipe on the front page of the Washington Post OUTLOOK Section
  6. captpat

    Smoke King experience

    Anyone have any experience ordering from Smoke King in the UK, shipping to US? Thanks
  7. captpat

    Savinelli replacement stem

    i have a 1980s vintage Savinelli 122 with a crack in the stem through the button. Is there a source for replacement stems with the Savinelli stamp? i could try to repair it with superglue but the stem is pretty thin and I'd probably screw it up :-( BTW the original stem is vulcanite thanks
  8. captpat

    Neptune Pipe Question

    This Neptune Bent Stack at SP has caught my eye Anyone have any experience with Neptune pipes Thanks
  9. captpat

    Ser Jacopo -- curved drilling question

    I've come across an estate SJ bent Dublin that's approaches a calabash in shape, apparently drilled using a curved drilling machine which I assume is to better follow the curve of the stummel/stem. Since this method doesn't appear to be in widespread use I'm wondering what the community thinks...