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  1. stvalentine

    Pressing tobacco - latest results

    Recently there were several threads discussing the possibilities of pressing your own tobacco into a kake or plug. After having a mixture of VA, Per and a bit of booze in my 6-ton press for about four weeks I opened it up today to see the results. It has roughly the size of a hockey puck and...
  2. stvalentine

    Corn Cob nosewarmer madness

    Owning already a dozen corn cobs I had to add Missouri Meerschaums newest cobs to my collection. I told myself that it wouldn´t be sensible just to order one pipe all the way from Amerika and so I ordered all of them. :? Well, you might assume that I like corn cobs quite a bit. Today the greedy...
  3. stvalentine

    Cheap Dunhill - too good to be true?

    A Dunhill pipe, although overpriced and apparently not better manufactured as a lot of other brands, it still my grail pipe. The English brand is something like an icon in pipe history to me and I was determined to own at least one. Too bad they are expensive even as an estate. Recently a...
  4. stvalentine

    You got to hate ebonite...

    Well, there are good days in pipe restauration and bad ones. One day you turn a wreck into a princess and then there are days when nothing works out easily. After the last days in my basement working on estates I have come up to the impression that there is a good reason why so many...
  5. stvalentine

    Torben Dansk Virginia Mysore blending tobacco

    While I am far too unexperienced to write up a proper tobacco review I still wanted to provide a pointer to this very interesting and delicous Virginia. DAN PIPE in Germany sells this VA from India as a "blending tobacco" but still points out that it is a delicious tobacco on it´s own. And how...
  6. stvalentine

    New pipe tool

    This one came in the mail today. I wanted the pipe net reamer in addition of my senior reamer but found it too expensive. I have considered the copy from castleford but was lucky a few days ago with this brandnew PipNET tool. Unpacking it it came clear to me why it was so expensive - it´s Swiss...
  7. stvalentine

    Richards Sheffield pipe tamper

    I´ve giot this together with a lot of old pipes. It´s an old Richards Sheffield pipe tool and I gave it a quick and dirty polish tonight. Richards is one of the old traditional cutlery makers of England. They have been manufactoring cutlery since 1839 when in 2007 they got into financial trouble...
  8. stvalentine

    PARKER Jockey Club resto-mod

    When I received this Parker of London I was quite pleased with it. The sellers picture was bad and I have have got it cheap. Not much to do on this one, just a simple cleanup and polish. Well, the best laid plans... This is how it looked before: A very dark red brown and very shiny. I was not...
  9. stvalentine

    Airpassage overdrilled?

    Meanwhile I have about three estates on which the airpassage into the bowl is kind of overdrilled. What I mean is that because of drilling too far into the bowl it forms a cavitiy in the bottom of the bowl which leaves not too much wood underneath. Is this considered a problem? Should I fill up...
  10. stvalentine

    Right from the workbench - Mastro Beraldi Cherrywood

    ...or is it a Poker? Whatever, this resto was completed today with a layer of Carnauba wax. It was more work than I had anticipated but now it looks like new. There´s still a faint smell of tobacco coming form the bowl although I used a LOT of alcohol on it. The curse of aromatics that can only...
  11. stvalentine

    From total train wreck to beauty queen - picture heavy!

    One of my favourite shapes - the Bulldog or Straight Rhodesian - seems to be a bit scarce on the german Ebay so I grab what I get. While Denicotea is not exactly the greatest brand of them all I didn´t bother as it set me back with the princely sum of 5 Euros. :mrgreen: I knew it would be rough...
  12. stvalentine

    Comoys The Golden Arrow reworked

    I have developed a bit of a liking for Comoys pipes. Unfortunately they don´t come cheap. But I found out that their seconds speak to me as well and so I have got this The Golden Arrow from Ebay. It was cleaned up by the seller but when it arrived here I could see that the bowl wasn´t reamed or...
  13. stvalentine

    My new pipe cabinet

    After browsing Ebay for weeks I was lucky to find a pipe cabinet that accommodates more than just 12 pipe and doesn´t look as if it belongs to the proverbial old codger. It is new in fact and I like the utilitarian look of it. As our furniture is mainly modern light oak it doesn´t stick out too...
  14. stvalentine

    New Guy Showing Off Pipe Restoration

    Hi all, I am new here, my name is Frank and I recently discovered the adventures of estate pipe restauration. This is one of the first estate pipes I bought in the last weeks and it cost me a bit more than I would pay for such a pipe today. Well, you live and learn... It seems to be of no...