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  1. withnail

    Question About Small US Towns.

    Hey, I enjoy watching the true crime channels as well as "reality" shows. I've noticed that a lot of small towns in America have signs that show the town name, elevation above sea level and population. It seems the figures for smaller towns can be quite precise - eg Rosewood, Elevation 530 ft...
  2. withnail

    Would This Happen In The USA? (Margaret Thatcher)

    Without getting into the politics of whether you agree or not with how she did the job, it's been interesting to see the huge divide in public opinion in the UK in the week that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died. As a protest against what she did in office, there has been a campaign...
  3. withnail

    PAD Meerschaum.

    After spending a lot of time reading about the joys of Meerschaum pipes, I decided I needed one in my collection. I picked this one up cheap as the retailer is discontinuing Meerschaums. By Servi-Meerschaum, I'm already impressed by how dry it smokes. With a little luck it will colour nicely...
  4. withnail

    Bulk Buying In Bulk!

    I was thinking - for the American members of this forum, you often seem to get good deals on bulk buying some of your favourite blends. Would it be worth a few of you who live in the same State to club together for a really big order? You might be able to get the price per pound down even more...
  5. withnail

    Lighters - Peterson vs Corona Accord or Old Boy

    My Birthday is rolling round and my step daughter said she'd either buy me a pipe lighter or put a certain amount towards one if I go for something outside her budget. I've narrowed the choice down to three and wondered which you guys would go for? Choices are - Peterson - nice styling and...
  6. withnail

    How Do They Make Fitted Cases For Meerschaums?

    An online tobacconists I have bought a few things from has been kind enough to send me 3 Service meerschaum pipes they are selling off cheap as they are slightly shop soiled. As well as the fine hand made pipes, I've also impressed with the close fitting cases. Does anyone know how these cases...
  7. withnail

    How Well Does Perique Age.

    I'm a recent convert to ageing tobacco. After reading about the joys of ageing when I first joined this forum, I put a couple of tins of University Flake away a year ago. I must admit that, compared to the fresh tins, it does have a deeper more rounded flavour. I know Virginia's age well and...
  8. withnail

    Advice Needed On Deep Cleaning A Meerschaum.

    After some debate and bargaining, I've finally decided to add a Meerschaum to my pipe collection. Reading the many sources on the web, opinion seems divided on how to go about a deep clean. Some suggest using the same method as with a briar - using alcohol on a pipe cleaner to remove any...
  9. withnail

    Artist Ismail & Sadik Yanik Meerschaums

    For those of you who love well carved Meerschaum pipes, here's a link you might enjoy
  10. withnail

    Video About Aromatics

    Thought I'd share this link which looks at various aromatic blends a that area available here in the UK. As most are from the large tobacco houses, our American brothers & sisters should be able to find most of them if they see anything they like. The video includes - Gawith Hoggarth –...
  11. withnail

    Want Pipe Related Links? Here's Loads!

    No doubt many of you will have seen websites that belong to the Pipe Smoking Ring, but for some newer members, I thought this link would be useful. There are hundreds of links to pipe sites big and small. The list is a little outdated so there are some dead links in the list. But, next time...
  12. withnail

    Funky Falcons

    I've never seen these multi coloured bowls for Falcon pipes. Sadly they are not in production any more, but they would give a pipe a "party feel" :-)
  13. withnail

    New Term - AAD - Do You Suffer From It?

    I think I'm getting "AAD" or Accessory Acquisition Disorder"! When ever I look at a pipe shop, either B&M or Online, I have to search through the pipe tools to see if there is anything different. With reamers, pipe nails, multi-tools and hand made works of art, I want them all. What is the...
  14. withnail

    The Best "System" Pipe?

    Over the years pipe makers have tried various ways to produce the perfect cool, dry smoke.  These "System" pipes each use a different method, hoping to achieve this goal.  Which have you tried and what do you feel are the pros and cons? I have two types of system pipes - the Peterson and EA...
  15. withnail

    Cleaning A Filter Pipe.

    As a rule I go for non-filtered pipes for the unrestricted air flow, but I do have one. It's a lovely old Medico Jet Stream that takes the standard Medico / Dr Plumbs filter. With the rest of my pipes, I run 3 or 4 pipe cleaners through them soon after smoking to remove the tar and moisture...
  16. withnail

    My New Peterson

    I've been in two minds about getting a Peterson Dracula series pipe since I first saw a picture of one on this forum. I was originally going to ask for one for my birthday, but my dear wife came up with a better solution. She is still going to get me a hand made Blakemar pipe as a gift and...
  17. withnail

    Review of - Samuel Gawith 2013 Ltd Edition.

    Here's some first thoughts on Samuel Gawiths 2013 Limited Edition.  The run is limited to 15,000 tins, so once it's gone it's gone for good.  It comes in 100g tins with a painting of the company founder commissioned whilst he was Mayor of Kendal, by the artist William Bowness, (thanks to...
  18. withnail

    One Fugly Pipe (IMO)

    While killing some time today I was browsing through the Pipe Club of London website. I found this very unusual looking meerschaum with the weirdest looking decoration I have ever seen. The text said - "Meerschaum figural Snipe - bakelite "bill" stem Meerschaum head, meerschaum bowl insert...
  19. withnail

    Samuel Gawith 2013 Ltd Edition Tin

    For anyone who likes "collectable" tobacco tins, my tin of SG 2013 Ltd Edition has arrived. I've not opened it yet but I'm impressed with the way they present the tin for people who collect such things. There is no big, ugly warning sticker on the front they are on the side and back instead...
  20. withnail

    Former Prime Ministers Pipe Sold

    I'm watching one of those antique programs where people take in their items to be valued and then sell them at auction. Someone brought in a pipe that belonged to Harold Wilson who was British Prime Minister between 1964 - 1970 and then again from 1974 - 1976, winning a total of 4 elections. He...