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  1. tozert

    FS: Motzek Der 93 from 2007 02/16/20

    There are eight tins left, prices are the same as in the first post.
  2. tozert

    Wanted: Blackwoods Flake

    If you don't mind having it shipped from the UK, I have several 100g tins.
  3. tozert

    FS: Two More Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes 01/01/2020

    Yes, the silver topped Baki is still available.
  4. tozert

    FS: Motzek Der 93 from 2007 02/16/20

    Motzek Der 93 from 2007. These come in paint can style tins. I have x10 100g tins available for $45 each. I have opened one of the cans to check the contents, and it is perfect. Ships from the UK, and will be at cost. It will work out less expensive if you ask for the tobacco to be removed from...
  5. tozert

    Where Can I Order Condor?

    The 25g pouch you have is Gallaher production. The new stuff is made in Poland and isn't quite the same. If you want to experience the new stuff, I'm sure there's someone in the UK that can place an order for you. That's a hint!
  6. tozert

    Wife Found My Stash

    Ohh..Rich Dark of my favourites and only five tins left. If you've not had it before, you're in for a treat.
  7. tozert

    FS: Two More Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes 01/01/2020

    The smaller Baki with standard meerschaum bowl has now sold.
  8. tozert

    FS: Two More Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes 01/01/2020

    I'm offering up two more Baki Gourd Calabash pipes from my personal collection. Both are smoked but have been cleaned up and are ready to smoke. Silver topped pipes get pretty crusty with build up over time, and as the picture shows, it has lots of fine scratches. I buffed it up the best I could...
  9. tozert

    New Paulsson Rhodesian

    Thanks, guys. I let Isaac read all your comments over my shoulder, and he's well chuffed.
  10. tozert

    FS: Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes Both Unsmoked 11/08/19

    These pipes are now sold. Thread can be deleted. Thanks!
  11. tozert

    Do You Eat Breakfast?

    I've done intermittent fasting for several years now. No breakfast. First meal at 1 pm, last meal at 7 pm. On weekends when I'm working in the garden, I'll have an extra meal. I promised myself never to have trousers larger than a 30 inch waist. Intermittent fasting is how I keep my promise.
  12. tozert

    FS: Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes Both Unsmoked 11/08/19

    Silver top weight, 2.8 ounce. Meerschaum top, 3.3 oz. Yes, Ken and I are about an hour apart.
  13. tozert

    FS: Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes Both Unsmoked 11/08/19

    I'm thinning out my herd of Baki gourd calabashes. These were purchased two years ago and have rarely seen the light of day. I would like to offer them here to forum members before trying ebay. I have priced them -25% of what I paid, which I believe to be very fair offer. The pipe above is a...
  14. tozert

    Source for Sam Gawith Plugs (that Ships to the US)

    I'm in the UK, and have RB, Kendal and Cobb plugs from 2012 if you're interested.
  15. tozert

    Pipe Smoking Study, It Doesn't Look Good.

    Personally, I don't give a toss about the possible cancer implications of pipe and cigar smoking. I agree with many others here that we're burning leaf and exposing the soft tissues of our mouth with heat and smoke, and it WILL have a long term negative effect, even if we never get cancer. The...
  16. tozert

    Strong Tobacco?

    I'm with chasingembers, I seem to be immune to nicotine. I predominately smoke the strongest tobaccos available: 1792, MB Bold Kentucky, Irish Flake, 5 brothers, Revor and all of the GH ropes and plugs. Even with big bowls, I detect not even a faint change in my brain chemistry, other than a...
  17. tozert

    What can I expect in England?

    Most 50g tins are around 13-15 pounds which at the current exchange rate is less than 20 dollars. That's less than double the price you lucky US pipers get for a 50g tin, not "several times" the price as suggested above. There are a few great online tobacconists which offer a better selection...
  18. tozert

    Aromatics Support The Pipe Industry

    I've never been a fan of aro's, but recently accidentally discovered one I actually like. Troost Baai, a shag cut blonde tobacco that is both sweet and flavorful. Shares some similarity to Troost slices, possibly the same leaf but with a different cut and flavorings. Smokes cleanly with no gunk...
  19. tozert

    HU Tobaccos

    I have loads of HU for sale, from the UK. Not every blend, but most of the popular ones.