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  1. jtpassmore

    Zippo or IMCO lighter? which one is better?

    dudleydidstick never tried Ronson fluid if i see it when im out and about might give it try.
  2. jtpassmore

    Pipe Rack Suggestion

    building one it is
  3. jtpassmore

    Substitute for tobacco jars

    not suitable for a shop but a female friend of mine gave me a small tampon tin to store tobacco when i'm out and about...
  4. jtpassmore

    Pipe Rack Suggestion

    Hi guys i'm looking into purchasing a Pipe rack for my growing collection that could possible have a place to store my tobacco tins and pipe tools as well. Anyone know of a good source? I've seen a lot of racks on eBay but to they dont look that great for the prices they want.
  5. jtpassmore

    Zippo or IMCO lighter? which one is better?

    I personally use a Zippo with the pipe insert, very reliable and with the black can fluid no funny taste i keep hearing people mention. the benefit of zippo as well is an excellent warranty and many case designs. I have used matches as well i just find them to be impractical if i want to enjoy...
  6. jtpassmore

    Whats in your CD player

    At the moment I have MC Chris, Cannibal Corpse, Birthday Massacre, Rasputina and The Cure on rotation