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    Barling Question

    So is Barling's arched over Make pre and trans and post trans? Just inquiring about 4 digit pipes that begin with "5". They have Barling Design "design in script" on the opposite side of the cross on the stem.
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    Pipes for Active Duty Military?

    I thought I read in the past that there was someone who sends pipes and tobacco to active duty members? Can someone point me in their direction? I have quite a few pipes that I would like to donate to them. If they have any paperwork/flyers I can post it at the Veterans Hall too. Thanks...
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    Silver Adornment (wincap, etc.)

    Where can you get high quality windcaps and silver for pipes? Other than silver repair bands. I like the way the gold looks around the bowl, and even the silver.
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    Name These Pipes (could be a fun game)

    I recently bought these off Ebay. There was only 1 photo and no description of the pipe names. They will arrive Monday so I'm excited about that. It will be fun seeing what I got. Almost like going in blind at the card table. Does anyone have any guesses what they may be? This was the test...
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    Scouring the internet for estate pipes?

    I am always looking for estate seems as if Etsy is an untapped resource. There are some sellers there who know the value in pipes, but I've picked up quite a few for under $50... Just sharing.
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    Can you please help identify date Sasieni

    I have this one. It has Made in England under the patent date... I've only seen London Made before... or Made in England in Football Shape.
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    Reamer and Tin Question

    What type of reamer leaves round grooves in the bowl similar to if a wire brush on a drill went in it. The ream marks are perfectly bored and not too invasive; I've only seen it a few times. Also, anyone know how to tell if a Tobacco tin is unopened? Weigh it?
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    Hello From SF Bay Area California

    I've admired the craftsmanship and history or pipes for quite some time. I enjoy erinmore. I just aquired quite a rare pipe: pre-trans guinea grain barling, but it has the TVF stamp on it. I'll figure out how to upload a photo. On another note, I tried nightcap (several times) and I just doesn't...