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  1. taildraggin

    Cross-eyed Cutty Confession

    I hate cutty pipes. It's not the aesthetics, it's smoking them. The bowl angles away preventing any view of the tobacco during a light. Wearing progressive glasses makes it all the more difficult, as you circle a match, near field and cross-eyed, over an estimated position -- the bowl, your...
  2. taildraggin

    Chacom Orange Volcano

    My first General post, after an intro in New Member. I must begin by thanking all for your recommendations and contributions this site, whether they match my experience or not. There is very useful stuff on this site. I haven’t yet finished figuring out “what’s best for me,” but the process is...
  3. taildraggin

    Marseille Medieval Castle Authority

    Any guess what tobacco the innkeeper is smoking?
  4. taildraggin


    Hi, Lifestyle forced me away from pipe smoking about 15 years ago. I miss the variety of taste with pipes, so I have re-opened my pipe kit. I discovered that all my favorites are gone - Dunhill's Light Flake, London Mixture, Royal Yacht and Nightcap. I was never content with the quality or...