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    It’s peculiar posting here after lurking for sooo long

    I feel like I kind of know a lot of y’all after lurking here so long. It’s odd to post as a new guy and get responses from people who have posted so many replies that I’ve read. Anyway, I’m early retired so I’m trying to be more sociable since I don’t get to go to work and run my yap. Anyone...
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    Love/hate blends that you love or hate, and why?

    I’ll start: Sutliff’s 523 Voodoo Queen. This seems to be a love it or hate it blend. I love it! Delicious chocolaty burley, a touch of smoky Lat and cool sweet Va! 3 pounds in the cellar.
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    How Many of You Lucky Dogs Get to Smoke Inside?

    I don’t mean the garage, I mean in your recliner in the house. If given up begging my wife years ago :-( Edited by jvnshr: Title capitalization (please check Rule #9)
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    Retrohale: yes or no?

    I was reading the thread about inhaling from a pipe and it changing one’s voice. Someone mentioned that you shouldn’t inhale (agreed), but if you wanted to process the smoke further to retrohale. This confounded me a bit. I’ve smoked a pipe for around 11 years and I almost always retrohale. I...
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    Trying a new genre: DFK/Va/Per. Cob or briar?

    Hi all. So I’ve yet to try a dark-fired KY, Virginia, Perique blend, but I’m about to. Reminds me; I still need to grab a tin of original/‘red’ Three Nuns and try that also. I religiously smoke burly-forward blends (Morley’s Best, Haunted Bookshop, etc.) out of MM cobs only. I bought two GLP...
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    Hi! Looong time lurker, decided to join :-)

    Howdy guys and dolls! I’ve lurked this site for a long time. Decided to finally join. Began smoking pipes around the middle of April of ‘07, after much complaining from my wife about the way I smelled after enjoying a cigar. I soldiered through all the beginner woes: tongue bite, tamping...