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  1. wolfe64

    Pipe # 666

    I think I'll pass on this one ............... Mark
  2. wolfe64

    Repurposed Spice Rack

    I finally got some time tonight to start on turning a $3.00 Value Village spice rack into a pipe rack. So lets get started :P This is the two tier spice rack I picked up at Value Village the other day. As soon as I saw it on the shelves I knew it was going to be my project pipe rack. So...
  3. wolfe64

    2 Old Pipes New To Me

    I picked these 2 pipes up today from a co worker. It's hard to tell who made the one, but it does say Made In Canada. The other says L. Walat on one side and 3a Bruyere on the other side with a wh ite W on the stem. I haven't researched any yet, I thought i would throw some pics up first...
  4. wolfe64

    FloggleWerks Pipe

    My FloggleWerks pipe is done and on its' way !!!!! :puffy: Mark
  5. wolfe64

    Sir William W Pipes

    Has anyone bought one of his pipes off of Ebay? I want a churchwarden and am just looking at my options. Mark
  6. wolfe64

    Garage Sale Find

    Stopped at a garage sale this morning and came across this, A Canadian Club Texas Micky with the Canadian Club holder. There was also a Seagrams Texas Micky I picked up. I already had one of these with the pump on top. The Seagrams one has about 2" of alcohol left in the bottom and the seal is...
  7. wolfe64

    Testing the System (Full forum functions restored)

    Hey Kevin' I tested the system and had posted a new topic here but when I went in to edit and clicked the edit button the page came up "the post is too old and then my topic disappeared. I hope this helps a bit in figuring out what is going on here. Mark
  8. wolfe64

    Private Messages

    I received an email today that I have a private message. This is what happens and I just copied and pasted this from a thread a year ago. It's the same thing that is happening to me. 1. I receive an email notification that I have a Private Message. B. I click on the link in the emailed Private...
  9. wolfe64

    Different Packing Methods and Different Tobaccos

    I have now researched and tried 3 different methods to pack a pipe. The 3 step, with the baby bear, momma bear and papa bear packing, the Frank Method and the Swirl Method, which I found on YouTube from James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store. I started with the 3 step, which has been working well...
  10. wolfe64

    I Figured Out The Flavour Thing

    So being new to pipe smoking and reading all the threads about newbies not tasting anything for the first bowls(which included me) I was out having a smoke and realized that where I had my pipe in my mouth was behind my eyetooth so in reality the button was about 2/3 of the way back on my...
  11. wolfe64

    KBB Yello Bole Resto

    I won this pipe and a Dr.Grabow on Ebay and started a resto on the KBB tonight. The stem was stuck so I put the pipe in the freezer for about 2 hours, then took it out and tried to remove the stem. No such luck So out came the pipe cleaners and 99% isopropyl alcohol. I could not blow through...
  12. wolfe64

    Won 2 Estate Pipes

    Last week I bid on 2 estate pipes and won the auction. Today they showed up in the mail. A Dr Grabow and a KBB Yello Boll both in non smoking condition with the stems froze on both. I have gotten both stems off and will start a resto on the KBB first in the Pipe Repair and Maintenance Forum...
  13. wolfe64

    Finally Smoked My First Bowl !

    My pipe starter kit finally arrived from 4noggins today :mrgreen: It came with a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe, 4 different sample packs of tobacco, a Czech tool and some pipe cleaners. I also ordered a Zippo pipe lighter. I practiced a few times loading the bowl and then headed out to...
  14. wolfe64

    How Many Bowls ?

    Being a newbie to smoking a pipe and still waiting for my starter kit to arrive it just dawned on me wondering how many bowls you would get out of a 1 1/2 oz. pouch of tobacco. I realize that there are some variables to this ie. bowl size, how tight the tobacco is packed. Mark
  15. wolfe64

    New Member

    Hello, My name is Mark from Ontario Canada and I by chance found this site and it reminded me of my grandfather sitting in his favourite chair smoking his pipe. I smoked cigarettes years and years ago (can't stand the smell of them now) and now I want to start smoking a pipe. So after a bit of...