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  1. tobyducote

    Holy Grail Find - Charatan "Countryman"

    Gorgeous...I love that pipe
  2. tobyducote

    Peck's Bamboomania

    Those are some fantastic looking pipes
  3. tobyducote

    Hitler: All those who have not smoked Penzance leave!

    No matter how many times I see this clip, I still enjoy it
  4. tobyducote

    New Barling's

    Very nice...great pipe
  5. tobyducote

    A Good Friend & N O Pipe Show

    Nicely done Voorhees
  6. tobyducote

    Breaking Pipes

    Ouch...I've been very fortunate and only burnt 1 was dead of winter..I was hunting and smoked it too fast, trying to keep warm and burnt right through the bottom
  7. tobyducote


    I watched it...and actually enjoyed it...I thought they were very creative with the storyline...I'm still a huge Flash fan..looking forward to the development of the storyline...CW writers are excellent..hopefully CBS can follow their lead.
  8. tobyducote


    Very cool..l can't wait
  9. tobyducote

    New Daddy have 2 sons...they are they joy of my life
  10. tobyducote

    Stephen King's 11/22/63 Will Be a Miniseries

    I've never read it, but I'm going to look it up based on your fascination with it
  11. tobyducote

    B&M stopped selling meerschaum cobs?

    I don't think that guy has a clue as to what he's talking about...if you treat a cob like a cheap pipe, it will act like a cheap pipe...but that goes for any pipe...I have a lot of very inexpensive MM cobs and I've never had a bad one.
  12. tobyducote

    A Good Friend & N O Pipe Show

    So happy to see you got your gift...
  13. tobyducote

    Went to a wedding and pipe smoking broke out

    Nice!! Great looking guys
  14. tobyducote

    Monte Verde pipes

    Never heard of them
  15. tobyducote

    Jaguar Eye

    Very interesting shape and design
  16. tobyducote

    Pensacola FL Area?

    Send me a PM and we can meet up sometime when I'm down there for work...I always have 3 or 4 tins with me
  17. tobyducote

    Pensacola FL Area?

    Yes I was sad to see them close..lies the Gran Reserve is what I was referring to.
  18. tobyducote

    New kids on the block

    Very nice work..