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  1. tozert

    FS: Motzek Der 93 from 2007 02/16/20

    Motzek Der 93 from 2007. These come in paint can style tins. I have x10 100g tins available for $45 each. I have opened one of the cans to check the contents, and it is perfect. Ships from the UK, and will be at cost. It will work out less expensive if you ask for the tobacco to be removed from...
  2. tozert

    FS: Two More Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes 01/01/2020

    I'm offering up two more Baki Gourd Calabash pipes from my personal collection. Both are smoked but have been cleaned up and are ready to smoke. Silver topped pipes get pretty crusty with build up over time, and as the picture shows, it has lots of fine scratches. I buffed it up the best I could...
  3. tozert

    FS: Fikri Baki Gourd Calabash Pipes Both Unsmoked 11/08/19

    I'm thinning out my herd of Baki gourd calabashes. These were purchased two years ago and have rarely seen the light of day. I would like to offer them here to forum members before trying ebay. I have priced them -25% of what I paid, which I believe to be very fair offer. The pipe above is a...
  4. tozert

    From Larrysson Pipes

    I read in the post about wax drip pipes a statement that Larrysson Pipes is retired. I didn't want to hijack the thread, so I thought it best to start a new one. I don't wish to be over-reacting by jumping on this misinformation, but it's not nice to see an erroneous fact about oneself on a pipe...
  5. tozert

    A dry cough from pipe smoking?

    Heya fellas, I have a question concerning my health and I'm wondering if any here know about or have developed symptoms similar to mine. Basically, about ten days ago I started to develop a dry cough. Small at first, it is now getting progressively worse and my diaphragm is getting a bit sore...
  6. tozert

    What Do You Know About This Dunhill Shape?

    After failing to find a Dunhill CK shape, I stumbled across a similar shape and bought it. I can't find any information about the history of the shape. It is shape number 460E and it also has the letter C as can be seen in pictures. It is a very small pipe, way too small for me. I'm going to...
  7. tozert

    My new Double Reverse Calabash Pipe

    I've been a pipe smoker for almost 20 years and a pipe maker for 15. I have smoked all sorts of pipes made from all sorts of materials and have smoked various pipe designs promising a dry and cool smoke. Although I love briar pipes, my daily go-to pipes are gourd calabashes made by Baki...
  8. tozert

    Gourd Calabash Repair Question

    After two years of being really hard on my Baki gourd calabash, the cork gasket needed replacing. I clean the gourd with pure alcohol about once every two weeks and it has made the cork hard and the cup doesn't seal well. I don't know what kind of glue was used, but it was really tough to remove...
  9. tozert

    Why Did You Quit Drinking?

    I just finished reading a thread about what drinks go good with a pipe. I noticed within the replies that a few guys quit drinking alcohol. I just quit drinking after a ten year love affair with strong drink. I always drank a big nightcap before bed, it was still a lot for my small frame (I...
  10. tozert

    HU tobaccos

    I just went to HU online tobaccos to place an order, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the site has had a major face-lift. If you haven't already, I recommend you check them out. I'm not sure if they ship to the states or not.
  11. tozert

    Blending Burley recommendations

    I have just ordered Five Brothers burley, but it hasn't arrived yet. I want to try some other blending burleys. I saw a few different cuts at 4noggins but I'm unsure of who the manufacturer is...C&D perhaps? Anyway, if anyone has an recommendation of good blending burley, I would like to know!
  12. tozert

    Removing Cake from Meerschaum Chamber

    I predominately smoke Virginia leaf in my Meerschaum pipes, and the cake builds up really fast. I usually take a round tipped pen knife and shave off the cake every three or four smokes, once the bowl is cold. I check with my finger to make sure the chamber is back to feeling smooth and clean...
  13. tozert

    Wellauer Syrian Latakia

    Has anybody tried Wellauer Syrian Latakia? I may have found a small supply of it, but I have heard rumours that some Syrian is not legit. I have never heard of this company so I'm on the fence. Any thoughts?