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  1. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Inherited Collection of (mostly) Meerschaum

    It sounds like from your original post you would like to display them. IMO, gentle wiping with a cloth to remove dust is all I would recommend. The “patina” of a well-loved and well smoked pipe gives character and authenticity. Display them as is as a history of your grandfather.
  2. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Late Bloomer from Norway

    Welcome to you, sir! From your description of your inagural bowlful I would like to offer a few suggestions that I suspect will further refine and improve bowlful #2: 1. 15 minutes of “dry” time is likely TOO little. In my opinion, especially for new folks…. I would suggest drying for...
  3. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Car Emergency Tin and Pipe?

    When my truck was a “second office” and “second den” for a number of years, I had a large wooden tool box with a number of pipes, tobacco, pipe cleaners, pocket knife, reamers, a pair of Bic lighters and other assorted pipe items that traveled with me in case I ran out of what I had brought from...
  4. Epip Oc'Cabot

    My Pipe Smoking Buddy is Gone

    I am very sorry for you and your whole family. A pet IS a member of the family and the loss is hard. I feel nervousness myself as our pooch is getting up in years too and I know that day is coming.
  5. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Absolute Mildest Nicotine With Latakia and/or Orientals

    How might you feel about the herbal mixtures that are available in some places? I am not meaning marijuana, but I have seen in some places some sort of herbal “tobacco substitute” that would likely have no nicotine. I have never tried any of those things, so I have no knowledge of them. But...
  6. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Anyone Recognize this Pipe?

    I found this interesting “beast”. Anyone recognize it?
  7. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Savinelli 🐊

    I have not yet seen the gator, and I am not so great at searching it up…. so you have a photo of yours?
  8. Epip Oc'Cabot

    I wish I Could Smoke my Pipes.

    It sounds like you have previously smoked pipe tobacco successfully (from the above quote)….so perhaps the old tobacco has spoiled in some fashion? Perhaps a fresh ounce or two to try may yield positive results? Worth a shot. And, perhaps if you are now somehow sensitized to cavendish...
  9. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Which Beverage with which Tobacco?

    I tend to find no SPECIFIC pairings…. but I always DO parings (pipe & beverage). To me there is always enjoyment in seeing how each complements the other. Pipe tobaccos run the gamut, though “codger” blends are my primary. Beverages…. whatever strikes my fancy….. water, various pops (sodas)...
  10. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Need Some Advice, Please!

    Eventually, the urge to buy more pipe tobacco blends will reduce. Something else will capture your fancy. Until then, if you can afford the leaf (and the wife’s grief), I would just ride it out. Why quell the fun of it is not hurting anything?
  11. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Why do You Smoke a Pipe?

    Bit then again, I would have say the glass ashtray on my desk is an even more effective paperweight. The pipe SITTING in the ashtray… therefore is the “cat’s meow” I guess. 🙂
  12. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Why do You Smoke a Pipe?

    A tobacco pipe can and has been something I have used as a short term paper weight on my desk, when I am not actively smoking the pipe. 🙂
  13. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Thoughts on Retrohailing a Cigar…

    Interesting…. Had not heard the term “snorking” before.
  14. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Buying Multiples of the Same Pipe

    I have done this and do this often with pipe shapes and finishes I especially enjoy. My Dad, who would have been 100 this year did so as well. However, growing up, my Dad also had two identical cars (other than color)… one for him and one for my Mom. And the apple apparently doesn’t fall...
  15. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Thoughts on Retrohailing a Cigar…

    I would enjoy hearing of folks impressions about retrohailing cigars. I have smoked pipes for crouching upon 50 years, and regularly enjoyed retrohailing all that time with pipes (heck, I did so even well before I had even heard about or knew what the term “retrohailing” even meant 🙂)...
  16. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Puffing like Dirty Harry

    My condolences….. ketchup is…. uh….. (to put it kindly)…. The worst condiment…. and should be reserved only IMO for French fries…. and even then there are far better alternative for French fries. 🙂
  17. Epip Oc'Cabot

    How to Avoid Ashtray Mouth?

    For me, personally, I do not tend to think I have “ashtray” mouth but instead have “lingering pipe tobacco essence” mouth. 🙂 That said, I personally tend to enjoy those lingering flavors and odors, so it is a generally positive experience. For those that are around me close enough to...
  18. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Is a Zippo Suitable for Pipes?

    As many others have suggested, the Zippo is a fine lighter for pipes. I have used Zippos for 40 some years. I think that if you allow yourself to practice some of the many pointers people have provided, you CAN find the Zippo quite suitable and enjoyable to ignite your pipe. That said, you...
  19. Epip Oc'Cabot

    How Many Bowls do You Smoke a Day?

    For me it has varied a fair amount over the decades. When I would allow myself to smoke my pipe as I please, unfettered, for a lot of years it would average between 8-12 bowls a day. When I have tried/worked at being “regulated” in some fashion, sometimes it would be (a challenging) zero, or...
  20. Epip Oc'Cabot

    E A Carey Pipes for New Pipe Smokers

    It is funny, those Carey ads always struck me as “huckster-ish” seeing them in the back end of magazines along with “Sea Monkeys”, “X-Ray Specs” and all sorts of other doo-dads and K-Tel products in the 1970s and 1980s…. that I never considered getting an E.A. Carey pipe. From what I have...