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  1. LotusEater

    Request for an Oriental

    Do you want orientals with or without Latakia? There are a lot of oriental forward blends with varying amounts of lat.
  2. LotusEater

    My Morning Smoke

    For a couple of years I smoked either EMP or Presbyterian in the morning with espresso- but I’ve changed my habits and don’t smoke until later in the morning. Recently my 1st smoke has been something Oriental like Regents Flake or Temple Bar.
  3. LotusEater

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2024?***

    Started my weekend with Laurel Heights in a Radice and a G&T
  4. LotusEater

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2024?***

    Temple Bar in a Charatans Make
  5. LotusEater

    Captain Black Grape 🍇

    I didn’t realize it was sold out again.
  6. LotusEater

    What is Your Favorite International Dish?

    Could not agree more You and I should go for lunch.
  7. LotusEater

    Captain Black Grape 🍇

    That makes no sense.Do those bidders hope to find a Lane/STG secret decoder ring in one of those tins or a golden ticket or something ?
  8. LotusEater

    Captain Black Grape 🍇

    I haven’t but I think I may have a tin tucked away. I understand it is very grapey
  9. LotusEater

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2024?***

    Regent’s Flake in a Castello pi
  10. LotusEater

    Captain Black Grape 🍇

    Good to know there is probably more out there. I’m expecting deliver of an estate Captain Warren pipe any day now and I’m holding out on dipping into my Captain Black Grape stash until it arrives. I’m imagining it tastes like grape hubba bubba bubble gum for some reason.
  11. LotusEater

    Hello from the Burgh

    Welcome from Kansas City!
  12. LotusEater

    Help! Which Stem for Which Pipe?...

    If you can’t tell which stem goes with which stummel why bother worrying about. Consider it a win- you now have 9 pipes instead of 3.
  13. LotusEater

    Back to the Pipe in NYS

    Welcome from Kansas city!
  14. LotusEater

    Nathan "CrashTheGrey" Davis on Radio Show of May 7, 2024

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet but I’m looking forward to it. It seems that Kaywoodie could not be in better hands.
  15. LotusEater

    Clark Gabled

    I like them but so do the deer😡
  16. LotusEater

    Stop Me Before I Kill ... i Mean Buy Again.

    Nice score! Why slow down now you’ve got some good momentum 😝
  17. LotusEater

    Sacre Bleu: French Baker Makes Croissants Sans Butter.

    American soccer Moms might give them a try but I can’t imagine any self respecting Frenchman eating them.
  18. LotusEater

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2024?***

    Kendal Flake in a Stanwell Bamboo
  19. LotusEater

    Help Me Understand

    Whether you post a video on YouTube, write a blog or post on a forum you are a content creator and by sharing that content you are implying that you want others to take notice of it. It sucks when someone takes notice of it and says something mean or offensive about whatever content you have...
  20. LotusEater

    New Old Smoker

    Welcome from Kansas City!