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  1. Sonorisis

    Penny Farthing - What's Changed, and When?

    It hasn't changed. But, being a shag cut, it is prone to burning according to how the person behind the pipe smokes it -- fast or slow. The rate of smoking can really change the experience. The blend was introduced in the last half of 2019, so it really hasn't been around long enough to...
  2. Sonorisis

    Rossi vs. Savinelli

    Rossi's often come without the damn filter that seems to be on almost all Savinelli's. Also, many Rossi's have vulcanite stems. Quality seems the same to me.
  3. Sonorisis

    Codger levels

    With time, and lots of practice, I've gotten pretty good at ignoring ass clowns. Hang in there!
  4. Sonorisis

    1970s Unsmoked Castello Sea Rock bent Billiard with Military Mount

    To some people, Carlo Scotti era Castello's are prized. To others, the draw of Scotti era pipes is undesirable. So, depending on which camp a person is in, the price might range between 250 and 400 bucks. I agree with you, it is a nice looking pipe.
  5. Sonorisis

    Question about Peterson Nightcap

    MM 965 is your huckleberry.
  6. Sonorisis

    My first Castello and so far, I am having a it of trouble with it.

    Often, a new pipe has wood chips or 'splinters' in the draft hole. Don't assume that the final finishing, or clean up, of the draft hole was accomplished at the factory. Or, that some wood chips have not collected there during manufacture. Seems like more often than not an airway cleaning...
  7. Sonorisis

    WTB/WTT Penzance and Reiner LGF

    I've never seen either one of those, two tobaccos offered in bulk. Penzance always comes in a sealed bag or tin, and Golden Flake is only offered in their paint can.
  8. Sonorisis

    Pipes You Don't Smoke?

    I have a few pipes that I haven't smoked. Sometimes they just look too good when new to endanger them with fire.
  9. Sonorisis

    Ageing Luxury Bull's Eye Flake

    Impatient? Get some KBV Raven's Eye and see what stoving can do to LBF.
  10. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2022?***

    Just finished some Ken Byron Verge Engine Santa Drive in a Radice silk-cut billiard.
  11. Sonorisis

    Beginner Lighter Recommendations for Cigars?

    Definitely a torch. Just DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR PIPES. A torch is necessary for cigars because of the amount of heat, the precision of the flame, its ability to light the whole end of the cigar, and most important the ability to precisely touch up a wrapper that isn't burning straight. The...
  12. Sonorisis

    Talk To Me About Boats

    Several people have observed that there is an inverse relationship between the size of a boat and the amount it gets used. This is not a witty aphorism, but an empirical observation. Less is more.
  13. Sonorisis

    F-1, Formula-1, Top Dedicated Racing

    I watched the race pretty carefully and I have absolutely no idea how Verstapin ended up in first. He didn't have the fastest car, he wasn't the best driver today, how did he get up there? Apparently, Red Bull's tire changes came at just the right time. Five more laps, or rain, and Lewis...
  14. Sonorisis

    Who Likes 9MM Pipes?

    I can't stand 6mm filter pipes. They don't draw well and are a mess to clean. None-the-less, I recently bought an inexpensive Savinelli 9mm and absolutely love it -- with Savinelli balsa filters. The draw with the filter is perfect. The smoke is cool with normal flavor. The clean up is a...
  15. Sonorisis

    Problem With Swollen Briar After Cleaning

    I use bees wax to smooth out sticky stems. Also, I only take a pipe apart as a very last resort for the reasons described here.
  16. Sonorisis

    F-1, Formula-1, Top Dedicated Racing

    Is Leclerc penalized for the entire season? Does his use of a fourth power unit mean he has to take a back grid position for all remaining races? He drove a beautiful race in spite of many bad breaks. Great to see Lewis bouncing his way to the podium -- hope his body can withstand the...
  17. Sonorisis

    Perfect Meerschaum

    Seems like carving continuous lines in fragile material is just asking for breakage.
  18. Sonorisis

    Elon Musk: Genius or Madman?

    I suspect he will be judged in the future on the basis of his contributions to society. In that regard, he is on a steep, upward trajectory. All the "press" about his human foibles is inappropriate in my opinion.
  19. Sonorisis

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2022?***

    Had some Watch City Cigar Rouxgaroux in a Cladio Cavicchi sandblasted dublin.
  20. Sonorisis

    Anyone Have Luck With Altinay Meers?

    They tell you on their site which ones have filters and which ones don't.