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  1. Infantry23

    Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses.

    It's a great tragedy and the iconic bridge here in MD is no more. Hopefully it gets rebuilt quickly and in a safe manner. A couple things stand out to me..... 1) having traveled across that bridge recently I am keenly aware of how high it was (something that is hard to discern in the...
  2. Infantry23

    Meerschaum Pipe Tenons

    Can I use those replaceable inserts on an older no-name meer that has a screw-in tenon? I.e. one that screws into shank and stem? I'd like to make it a push / pull. Are those replacement inserts all a standard size to fit the tenon and stem?
  3. Infantry23

    Peterson Sherlock Holmes Tobacco Available?

    I bought a tin just about 5 months ago at a local B&M (Boswell's, to be exact). Maybe something changed since then?
  4. Infantry23

    What is Your Favorite Blend in the Morning?

    Lately my morning go-to's have been Carter Hall and EMP.
  5. Infantry23

    Not Quite Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory 😐

    Were the oompa loompas real?
  6. Infantry23

    Pipe Tobaccos you Might Find at a Cigar Store?

    Most of the B&M cigar stores I've been to carry CAO pipe tobacco and possibly Molto Dulce and maybe a few other random samplings. Sometimes there are some "in-house" blends offered, as well. As far as what you should try? That depends on you, but in my experiences the pipe tobacco is...
  7. Infantry23

    Help This Pipe

    Ouch :(
  8. Infantry23

    Hello from Maryland!

    Welcome from Smithsburg, MD!
  9. Infantry23

    A Quiet Turning?

    I am DEFINITELY seeing more pipe smoking amongst 25-40 yr olds in the circles I run in. Some of that is because I have shared pipes and knowledge with friends who join the pipe smoking community and some of that is a group of people that are more "traditional." There is a strong gravitation...
  10. Infantry23

    Tragedy Strikes!

    That was terrifying lol. Enjoy your pipe!
  11. Infantry23

    The Oldest Tamper in the World.

    I was also going to say it looked like a nail.
  12. Infantry23

    Ash Wednesday

    Unfortunate. But pick up your cross and follow Him. 🫡
  13. Infantry23

    To All PipesMagazine 2023 Secret Santa Participants: Thank You Again

    Som Besths, Mike! Only 9 more months til we do it again!
  14. Infantry23

    Buckled & Grabbed a Briar 💁‍♂️☕️

    That is such a beautiful pipe! Happy upcoming birthday! I love that spigot too. It's basically the exact Pete that I've been looking for. Enjoy!
  15. Infantry23

    My Backyard Pipe Shed - “The Smokehouse”

    Welcome from MD. That smoke shack is amazing!
  16. Infantry23

    Hello from Belgium, EU.

    Welcome from Maryland, USA!
  17. Infantry23

    In An Age of Free Returns, Does Buyers Remorse Exist Anymore?

    Are people still getting married? (Just joking!)
  18. Infantry23

    "Skipper", R.I.P.

    R.I.P. Skipper 🙏 Condolences on the passing of your friend
  19. Infantry23

    Greetings from Greece

    Welcome from Maryland, USA!
  20. Infantry23

    ***What Are You Smoking, January 2024?***

    TK6 in my AND claw meer.