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  1. dd951

    Returning member

    Hi everyone most people on the net call me dd, my name is Jerry,,,I left this site over 2 years ago, not because of hard feelings or anything like that. My wife had some health issues and after that I had a bout of depression. Thankfully we are both doing better,,This morning I read all the post...
  2. dd951

    Closest OTC Tobacco to 1Q??

    send a pm with your address and I will send you some 1Q, give you a chance to try it. Thanks Jerry
  3. dd951

    20% of PM Traffic is via Mobile

    Would someone please explain to me how to use my Iphone to get on here. Thanks Jerry
  4. dd951

    Interesting Event Occurred Today......

    You have my respect sir, I love this forum and all the folks here, Jerry :worship:
  5. dd951

    My Loss

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and you sister, Jerry
  6. dd951

    I don't get it.....

    Cortez a question please, were those skivies designed by the Old Cajun with pockets on them?
  7. dd951

    PM2012 First Smoke by Baron Samedi

    Beautiful pipe and a great review
  8. dd951

    Group MEER purchase?

    Hey Storient, I asid on the first page of this thread I didn't care what shape the guys voted on, that I wanted one. So when you post pictures I am ready, in fact that one you have pictrued just a few notes back suits me fine. Let me know,,,,,,Jerry
  9. dd951

    Stem Stuck...

    This method takes a little longer but it does work,,,dip a pipe cleaner in some everclear and let it drip in the crack between the stem and shank turning the pipe as you do it. Let it rest for a few minutes then do it again. Try twisting the stem after each applications, it should come loose by...
  10. dd951

    My Birthday is Tomorrow.

    Happy birthday Grizz
  11. dd951


    I have a Wally Frank white bar oom paul, good smoker and I use it often.
  12. dd951

    What is it

    Old cajun,,,,,,pm your address and I will send you some 1Q, Thanks Jerry
  13. dd951

    Group MEER purchase?

    I'm in,,,,,,I will live with any shape you guys pick,,,,I perfer stright to 1/2 bent
  14. dd951

    Ohin3 makes 2K posts

    I think hobie said it best, +1
  15. dd951

    Smoke A Bowl Today For A US Navy Vet of WWII

    SL in a pete, may he have a fair wind and a following sea
  16. dd951

    Briar Bird Chubby Bent Billiard

    I love it, nice job
  17. dd951

    My First Refurb (Extremely Pic Heavy)

    good job, nice looking pipe
  18. dd951

    Help me to grok the cob

    marma14de, I have a cob just like the one you pictured made by wally frank, gteat smoker, if you want to sell it, im me. Thanks Jerry
  19. dd951

    Hello from Southeast Louisiana...

    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here