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  1. ichbinmuede

    My Second Ruthenberg

    That is a gorgeous blast. One heck of a good get! Enjoy it!
  2. ichbinmuede


    The quarrel of the sparrows in the eaves, The full round moon and the star-laden sky, And the loud song of the ever-singing leaves, Had hid away earth's old and weary cry. And then you came with those red mournful lips, And with you came the whole of the world's tears, And all the sorrows...
  3. ichbinmuede

    Durham Region (Ontario) Pipers

    Well isn't that a hell of a coincidence. I was starting to think of doing the same thing and I'm even in Oshawa as well. There's always been a good turn out at the pipe nights at Victory so it definitely looks like it could be a thing. I do believe that I could offer my backing on the...
  4. ichbinmuede

    What are You Reading?

    I'm currently in to White Night from Jim Butcher in his Dresden Files series. Not at all surprised to be enjoying it.
  5. ichbinmuede

    Who Went To College?

    Well I'm attending it now. It does seem that today it's nigh impossible to do just about anything for a living without getting some "higher" education. Here in Ontario a fella needs a high school diploma to be qualified to lay brick full-time! Haha the good thing about that is that when I saw...
  6. ichbinmuede

    Hey there fellows!

    Haha thanks and hello to you all for the warm welcome. I'll put in a "yea" for Lawrence as homecoming nobility.
  7. ichbinmuede

    Hey there fellows!

    Thanks much for the welcome Chris, it's good to see a familiar face.
  8. ichbinmuede

    Hey there fellows!

    Hey guys! Haha, been a while! Hopefully there are still a few guys around who recognize me. But here I am again and I will be trying to be a bit more active again. Still smoking my pipe and I'm now officially a college boy. In there for journalism and it is honestly quite interesting so far...
  9. ichbinmuede

    Question regarding marijuana ghosting in a briar pipe

    Walker Briar Works does an Ozone cleaning but I'm not sure that would really rid the thing of this problem. There is, however, a chance that THIS method outlined by G.L. Pease that stands a chance of saving it. It does seem to be the most likely solution in my opinion. I wish you the best of luck!
  10. ichbinmuede

    Best Corn Cobb makers?

    Missouri Meerschaum is about the one answer there is for "best". Though if I remember correctly Jake Hackert has been known to offer a corn cob and I wouldn't doubt for a minute that he can do a great job.
  11. ichbinmuede

    New addition to the collection!

    I do hate to double post but I thought that I'd enlighten anybody interested in just what is going on in that control cavity. We can see here that the five switches on the bottom control the phase and state (on/off) of each coil. So you can have just about every pickup combination that you...
  12. ichbinmuede

    New addition to the collection!

    Haha exactly what I thought! Such a mess and there's not even any active electronics in it! TopD, I can definitely see where you're coming from. It's quite a bit of work to clean these things up but it's also one of the reasons that I love the electric! Hah not to say that I don't love the...
  13. ichbinmuede

    New addition to the collection!

    Vespertillio, you are quite welcome. On your basic layout of three potentiometers, and a pickup switch the wiring is a whole lot more simple. It's when you get in to things like switching the phase of each coil (which is what I think five of those switches do) and other crazy bits of...
  14. ichbinmuede

    New addition to the collection!

    And not the pipe one! Sorry I haven't been around much lately but with school coming up and my brother being in town I've been a little busy. I just had to show this thing though! I picked this up for an absolute steal at a flea market here on the weekend because all those switches made me...
  15. ichbinmuede

    Anyone try Davidoff blends?

    I've tried their flake medallions and I absolutely loved them.
  16. ichbinmuede

    Another "Male" Pipe. What are they thinking?

    :rofl: Hahaha ohhh geeze! I won't call it ugly because that would be sort of insulting to the gender that I am but geeze! Honestly if I were a man with a goodly amount of disposable income I would buy that. I'm not sure I could bring myself to put it in my mouth but I would definitely give...
  17. ichbinmuede

    Hey Gang!

    Well they have a little private area that isn't part of the store that they invite the pipe smokers in to to sit, browse the selection of pipes they have, and sample some tobacco that they bring out. Usually a representative from Brigham there and occasionally some sort of deal going on.
  18. ichbinmuede

    Hey Gang!

    Always glad to see more Canadian pipesters show up and another Brigham fan no less! Welcome to the group/forum. If I'm not mistaken your profile tells me that you're in the Toronto area? If that's true then I must recommend coming to Oshawa for Victory Cigar'sVictory Cigar's pipe night on the...
  19. ichbinmuede

    The Canadian Edition Box Pass - Round 1

    I know I was downright astounded at the size of the box when the post man put it in my hands.
  20. ichbinmuede

    21 today!

    Happy birthday! How about a good old fashioned gin and tonic? One of my personal favourites. I don't have a tobacco to go with it but I sure do love the taste. Maybe a good absinthe and some Blackpool from Esoterica? Mmm anise. It's put on the virginia in Blackpool in the best kind of way...