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    Do You Prefer Burgers with...

    Craig Claiborne, the famous NY Times food writer of years ago had a great technique for doing burgers. You get a nice 80/20 ground chuck. Don't work the meat too much. Heat a cast iron pan and cover the bottom with kosher salt. Heat the pan until it's really smoking hard. Then put in the...
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    Jim's SPC Plum Pudding Special Reserve Robusto Review.

    Mark Ryan previously collaborated with a cigar manufacturer in the Phillipines called Tabacalera. I believe he distributed that brand in the US for a while. They added his Perique to one of their blends. I've been smoking cigars for many years and for the price I'd say they were quite good. I'm...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2024?***

    Someone recenty posted that mixing #7 with the current version of St.Bruno will yield a reasonable facsimile of the Irish made Condor. Will try that combination next time I order some #7. With the demise of Condor, I say "any port in a storm".
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    Arangos Balkan Supreme??

    Nothing today is going to taste quite like the Sobranie mixtures from the so- called "glory" days. If you could snare a tin that's decades old you might find it to be kind of bland or it may have evolved into something truly wonderful. For sure, it's going to be different than an un-aged tin...
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    Any info on Jobey Shellmoor?

    From Pipedia: Weber Pipe Co. owned and manufactured Jobey pipes - when mainly sold in the USA by the Tinder Box from 1970's - 80's. In addition Jobey / Weber bought Danish freehands from Karl Erik (Ottendahl). These pipes were offered as Jobey Dansk. Ottendahl discontinued exports to the United...
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    Why do Sellers Avoid Pics of the Chamber?

    As usual, Jesse is right on the money. In my experience some sellers who only sell pipes incidently don't even think of including a photo of the chamber, as they don't understand its importance. Some experienced pipe sellers may avoid including a chamber photo because, fior example, it may...
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    What Peterson Should I Get?

    Peterson pipes are very popular. Some terrific shapes for sure. I currently have a p-lip Peterson Baker Street bulldog. It's just ok as have been other Petersons I've owned. The airflow on p-lips, in my experience, tend to be restricted. This can, again in my opinion, make break-in daunting and...
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    Some Bad News for the Condor Lovers

    We've known for a long time that JTI has had little interest in Condor. The fact that production was shifted to Poland is the best evidence. I hope that now one of the majors will be able to negotiate a deal to acquire the brand or a license to manufacture. Of course, even if that were to...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2024?***

    Agree with bluegrassbrian. Patience of Dr. Silence is very good. The Tonquin is not as pronounced as in 1792. Patience is more subtle than 1792.
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    This May be Heresy........

    The p-lip was sort of an acquired taste for me. I guess I got used to it and now I kind of like it. It does seem to me that a P-lip is somehow more "appropriate" for a Peterson pipe than a fishtail. Here's the problem. If one experiences a too tight draw with a P-lip, it's no simple matter to...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2024?***

    I have an Enrique LC quite similar to this great piece. Unfortunately, I believe Enrique is no longer making pipes. He had excellent briar with a lot of shelf age and his stem work was great.
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    Longer shanks than stems

    Doug made this pipe for me. Doug made this pipe for me. He did a great job and the pipe smokes beautifully. Don't hesitate to try a Finlay. Highly recommended.
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    Horn Stems

    I have a pipe with a horn stem. While it has a different mouth feel by comparison to rubber or acrylic, it is comfortable and I have no issues. I did not have to open the stem, so I can't comment on how it would react to re-drilling. It does show a bit of wear at the button but that's no big...
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    Mac Baren Mixture Scottish Blend

    Yes it certainly was. All I can say about TB is that I'm reminded of Nightcap, Margate, Exotique and something readily available called Mountains of Madness made by KBV. M of M is quite good. Whoever made TB whether Ed or a blending house, the quality of the components today are likely to be...
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    Mac Baren Mixture Scottish Blend

    I think you may actually be referring to Scottish Ribbon. Ed liked MacBaren products including Mixture: Scottish Blend. Several of Ed's customers who liked Scottish Ribbon have opined that Mixture was a component of Scottish Ribbon. It's also been suggested that the other component was...
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    Who has a David Jones Pipe?

    Jones made some very attractive large pipes. He claimed to have a stash of well aged Greek briar. His stems were typically, if not exclusively, acrylic. I owned kind of a large billiard/pot type shape which was nicely rusticated. I subsequently sold it as it was just too heavy for me. His...
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    Initial Thoughts on Wilke Pipe Blends

    For those who enjoy aromatics Wilke 191 is quite good in my opinion. It's one of those aromatics that are not goopy and have a real tobacco taste along with a distinct flavoring. Also Wilke 72 falls into a category I'd call an American English. I recall that blends of this type were very...
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    Deer Tongue? That was easy!

    The Faber, Coe and Gregg version of Brindley's Mixture was a drugstore tobacco that I liked very much. It is long gone and while there is a Sutliff match, my understanding is that it is not even close to the old Brindley's. I thought that deer tongue was part of Brindley's and gave it a very...
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    Tom Colwell of Who Made That Pipe? - where is he now?

    Tom might have been a member of the NY Pipe Club. He usually had a table at the shows that occurred in Newark, N.J. and other venues which may have preceded Newark. I'm sure many members of the NY Club knew Tom well, incuding Rich Esserman, Lou Zizholz and other old timers like me. I've...
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    What Music Are You Listening to? November, 2023

    Check out the album The Voice That Is. Hartman does a great version of It Never Entered My Mind. Most invredible voice. Pity he died so young.