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  1. WhiteDevilPress

    What was Penny Baxter Smoking?

    I'm also a fan of Rawlings' work, and as I also live near there, I'd wager there's a good chance that her small compound might have included a smokehouse, which wasn't at all uncommon during the period of time she lived in Florida. How much trouble would it have been to throw a few stacks in...
  2. WhiteDevilPress

    Group Identification Assistance Request

    History does have its cyclic aspect, and we now seem to be completing some sort of cycle in mankind's misguided aesthetic history...
  3. WhiteDevilPress

    Group Identification Assistance Request

    Just follow Libs of TikTok and you'll see our future.
  4. WhiteDevilPress

    Pipe Smoking Album Art

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but the more appropriate one here... ...seems to have been prematurely closed. Anyway, in the course of compiling two volumes of album art, I've scrounged up a few...
  5. WhiteDevilPress

    Top 5 Opening Tracks From a Classic Rock Album

    Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd Jerusalem - ELP This Morning - Blue Jays (Justin Hayward & John Lodge) War Child - Jethro Tull Roundabout - Yes
  6. WhiteDevilPress

    What Advice Would you Give a Young Man?

    Follow the Golden Rule, and you'll sleep fine at night. Work hard, but don't obsess over money: life is so much more than work, so stop and smell the roses every chance that comes along. Don't ever marry, period: this world is now primarily populated by rabidly delusional internet sex workers...
  7. WhiteDevilPress

    Dealing With Aging Parents

    Assuming she has a cellphone, teach her how to use rideshare services, or an old school taxi. Might prevent serious injuries or worse to other drivers, as well as her.
  8. WhiteDevilPress

    When Less is More... a.k.a. Minimalism in the PipeWorld

    I absolutely agree: my eye is always drawn to pipes of this general profile, and I see nothing excessive in their design whatsoever. That "casting aside any elements that do not contribute to the beauty" thing is highly subjective, because to me this V curve is essential to good design, whereas...
  9. WhiteDevilPress

    What are You Listening To? ~ September 2022

    Found two Cory Wells solo albums I'd never heard before on YouTube, and just learned there's going to be the first new Three Dog Night album (of new material) in over four decades.
  10. WhiteDevilPress

    Is Meat Eating Going the Way of Tobacco Smoking?

    I used to live in a liberal college town where being vegan or vegetarian was de rigueur if you wanted to be accepted as a cool hipster. But those who worked in those type of restaurants found out quickly that tofu and bean sprouts don't provide enough protein to sustain an active lifestyle that...
  11. WhiteDevilPress

    What are You Watching? Year 2022

    Ridley Scott's "White Squall." I watched free w/ ads on YouTube (link won't work here, for some reason). Slammed by critics because it endorses traditional values. Not a low budget nautical flick: watch on a large screen to get the full authenticity of the sets.
  12. WhiteDevilPress

    Artemis Project: Why?

    The digitization of media and communications has only been "progress" in the sense of a technological lawn mower progressing over the turd of ignorance, spreading it out evenly in all directions to produce a greater stench.
  13. WhiteDevilPress

    Artemis Project: Why?

    The internet is barely big enough to contain all the theories (from the plausible to the delusional) about what's and who's out there, so I'll have to leave it to your own research and however much time you want to devote to it. A good starting point, however, is anything published by Richard...
  14. WhiteDevilPress

    Artemis Project: Why?

    One doesn't have to look very far into the space conspiracy rabbit hole to detect the presence of the military and international banking. One theory for our new space presence is placing computer servers out there in order to serve the purposes of digital currencies. But with NASA's...
  15. WhiteDevilPress

    Lets See Your High End Collections

    I do love rescue pipes.