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  1. simong

    I'm Bloody Livid: Amazon Refuse to Sell Me a Set of Kitchen Knives.

    That’s where you’re going wrong then! You want the bureaucratical paperwork, you’ll have to come to the UK & embrace the bureaucracy! lol
  2. simong

    I'm Bloody Livid: Amazon Refuse to Sell Me a Set of Kitchen Knives.

    At the DVLA in Swansea, same as everyone else!🙂
  3. simong

    Another Brit

    Shropshire Lad? Hello & welcome from the county below you (Herefordshire).
  4. simong

    Slow Server Response

    Intermittent here in 🇬🇧. Could be a Pennsylvanian thing I suppose, could be Chinese or Russian interference. Either way, we’re not missing much. Forum chat is boring & predictable enough, no need to rush it.
  5. simong

    I Just Got a Court Summons......For Jury Duty.

    In some cases you'll find a life sentence can mean as little as 12-15 years! Bring back hanging... & the birch!
  6. simong

    J.R.R Tolkien ...

    Tolkien was in Oxford. For the depravity you seek, you'd find it at the other place (Cambridge) or (God forbid) France!!
  7. simong

    J.R.R Tolkien ...

    Probably down the 'baby & bird' having a pint, scrolling down his iPhone, checking out the forums and shaking his head at all the grown men's unhealthy and incessant adulation of midgets with big feet!
  8. simong

    Show Off Your Petersons Here!

    Nice of you to say so, cheers! 👍
  9. simong

    Lester Young Repeats as USA Slow Smoking Champion!

    Geezer on the left looks like Jimmy Cagney? Doubtful though that there was any intimidation during the contest so congratulations to les! Is there a 'record holder' so to speak, within worldwide competitions?
  10. simong

    J.R.R Tolkien ...

    Yes, I've noticed that. Cob afficionados & aromatic smokers likewise. Lacking a sense of humour is also a trait.
  11. simong

    J.R.R Tolkien ...

    Bit up yourself aren't you? If you were referring to me, how do you know I can't make tea? Whilst not an academic (have to work for a living unfortunately) I happen to make the best tea in my family! You should bear in mind that this is only a pipe forum, if a certain subject gets on someone's...
  12. simong

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2024?***

    Marlin Flake in a caddish little Ashton.
  13. simong

    What Are You Listening To - April, 2024

    Audiobook for a change.
  14. simong

    A Stark Warning

  15. simong

    Premier League, Championship League, League One, etc.

    Highlight of the weekend was that goal by Palace! Apart from that all quite uninspiring, boring & predictable.🤦‍♂️
  16. simong

    J.R.R Tolkien ...

    Tolkien & Lewis. A reoccurring theme on this forum or so it would seem. Overrated & overhyped in my opinion. Many greater English authors about. Gets on my tits.
  17. simong

    Opening A Tin? Show Us!

    Opened a tin of Marlin Flake from 2014.
  18. simong

    Which Peterson Sherlock Holmes is Rarer.

    What might be rarer still are those green Sherlock Holmes meers, from 10-15 years ago? Remember seeing them for sale here in England, but never seen one since. I didn’t like the look of them myself.
  19. simong

    Hello from Denmark!

    I think the best Dane to play in England was John Jensen. Christened ‘Sir John’ by his Arsenal teammates & later the English press, after knocking England out of the euros! He only scored the one goal for Arsenal, but it was a good one.