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  1. radrick96

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Stubby Anse with a couple bowls of McClleland 2015
  2. radrick96

    Instead Of Opinel

    I like the Buck pocket knives. My father always carried nick, case, or old timer
  3. radrick96

    Any Current Deals Out There?

    Amphora sampler is always great
  4. radrick96


    Welcome friend. Howdy from central Florida
  5. radrick96

    Happy 1st Birthday, Dear Cellar

    Happy birthday to your cellar hahaha Nice! I hope to have as many as you. Looks like some great blends. Did you just buy whatever amount you could or did you calculate coverage for a certain amount of years? I plan to start buying 5 tins of each blend I like/want. I figure if i get 7 or 8...
  6. radrick96

    Let’s See Your Daily Carry Method

    Hmmm...I really like this. Another quest! Hahaha
  7. radrick96

    Single Pipe or Two-Pipe Pouch Recommendation Needed: FireDog Brand or Something Similar

    That looks good. How big of a pipe will it hold in a pocket?
  8. radrick96


    W Welcome! Nice job on the Peterson. I have my eye on a few haha I mostly smoke my cobs and I haven’t had a tobacco I wasn’t content with, just some are more flavorful. If you want to try a variety for cheap grab the Amphora Sampler. It will give you 5 basic blends to learn how to...
  9. radrick96

    The "Old Fashioned Desk Top" Device

    Growing up poor I’ve never had electronics. My sister had a cell phone for safety reasons, but I never got one between her always needing to replace it and me never deserving one cuz of SkoolI still play the old Steve McQueen, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood movies on dvd over and over again haha I...
  10. radrick96

    Let’s See Your Daily Carry Method

    Have you thought about using a Dopp kit? I’m planning on having one for taking multiple pipes when I travel for longer than two or three days. Something like that could be perfect size to stuff into a console to hide as well! Otherwise just put a set of pipes in the places you go! I keep one...
  11. radrick96

    Let’s See Your Daily Carry Method

    And then my pants have a smaller pocket inside my side pocket perfect size to hold my zippo haha
  12. radrick96

    Let’s See Your Daily Carry Method

    His craftsmanship is excellent. Commissioned this pipe pouch for my motorcycle bag. Latch, red boot stitching, and my family tartan. For daily carry I clench my cob or put it in my pocket. I’m hoping to get a pipe holster though haha Should eliminate how often it falls out of my pocket when working
  13. radrick96

    Smoking a Tin Until Done or Whatever Strikes Your Fancy?

    Currently 20 open blends. I plan to limit it to a max of 24 total! Of course I will buy enough to cellar And have a supply for 5 years. This should keep me modest
  14. radrick96

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Dragula was equally excited about the mail man bringing me a MM Emerald bent cob today!
  15. radrick96

    Smoking Buddy

    This is Dragula now. I’m a big Darryl Starbird, Ed Roth, George Barris fan. Got my MM Emerald bent in the mail today. He still likes pipes hahaha
  16. radrick96

    Wife Bought Me Old Pipes

    Great now I’m gonna have to look for an axe to restore! Nice setup. You need more stickers on the tool chest though ;)
  17. radrick96

    The Tin Wrap

    But which tins will it hold? Almost looks like the tin can slip out the sides? Great idea though and looks practical enough for daily use vs bulky like mine(use it for traveling). I might have to get one
  18. radrick96

    C&D Kelly's Coin Mini Review

    Howdy haha
  19. radrick96

    C&D Kelly's Coin Mini Review

    Good review. I’m gonna have to give it a smoke!
  20. radrick96

    New Pipe on the Way!

    Congrats friend. That looks like a good photo and an even gooder pipe! hahaha