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  1. bubbadreier

    Take a look at THIS PAD gem!

    Very very nice my friend! I am jealous!
  2. bubbadreier

    Bubba's Latest TAD Purchases And a Shout Out.

    Well I haven't posted my tobacco purchases in a long while so I thought I would show you all what I have bought in the last few days! The the jar in the back, I have 1 pound of Just For Him's Shortcut To Mushrooms. Under that and to the right I have my sample of Angler's Dream from Russ at...
  3. bubbadreier

    Every Member Please Read.

    I thought it might get people to read it! haha
  4. bubbadreier

    Every Member Please Read.

    Okay so the problem with people posting threads in the wrong area of the forum is popping up again, and I thought it would be a good time to bring up how to fix the problem again... So if you are not sure how to post a thread into the right area of the Forums, please read this thread... How to...
  5. bubbadreier

    I'm baaaaaaaack!

    Oh no!!! He's back... RUN!!!!
  6. bubbadreier

    Favorites Notifications?

    I haven't heard anything about this yet? Is anyone else having these problems?
  7. bubbadreier

    I Bought a New Watch

    I, like Mason, can't stand having a watch on my wrist! Congrats on the watch though!
  8. bubbadreier

    I found a tobacco shredder!!

    I want to see a picture of this beast! :mrgreen:
  9. bubbadreier

    Angler's Dream

    I got mine today, I just finished a smoke and I have to say.... It was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good! I will just have to stick to my other favorite blends from Russ!
  10. bubbadreier

    The taste of Grousemoor

    I have yet to try this blend, but with all the talk of Lemon Grass I might just have to!
  11. bubbadreier

    Show Us Where You Smoke!

    Keep the pictures coming guys!
  12. bubbadreier

    Making a Corn Cob Pipe

    I am interested to see where this goes! Good luck!
  13. bubbadreier

    Doc Garr is a Star

    Congrats Docgarr!
  14. bubbadreier

    Further proof pipe smoking is on the rise

    As a young a man myself, living on a college campus, I see alot of young people picking up the pipe! It makes me smile!
  15. bubbadreier

    Found Some Old Unsmoked MM Cobs

    I love the look of those old cobs, but I just couldn't bring myself to smoke an old cob... For the same reason Lonestar talked about!
  16. bubbadreier

    Anybody else use metal toy soldiers as tampers?

    Hey that is a neat idea! I think I have some of those metal toys back home! I would just strip the paint and repaint it if you are worried about lead! I think it would be fun little project.
  17. bubbadreier

    Elephant's foot shape/practice carve

    I like it! It has a unique quality to it!
  18. bubbadreier

    Angler's Dream

    Thanks Russ! Looking forward to trying it out!
  19. bubbadreier

    Bubba, Lawrence, and Kevin Are Turds

    I see the new one! I had nothing to do with fixing it! :P
  20. bubbadreier

    PAD: Boswell Style

    Great looking pipe, congrats!