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  1. kcghost

    Review of Garvey’s Balkan (and recommendation query)

    Yes, this well could be bulk blend the Big 3 and maybe Arango.
  2. kcghost

    Missouri Meerschaum Bit Mix and Match

    A corncob was made to be cobbled!!
  3. kcghost

    Pipe Smoking Musicians

    It is surprising all the musicians who smoke a pipe while performing.
  4. kcghost

    An Expensive Case of Buyers Remorse

    It is amazing the guy didn't have to pay it all right then. The second bidder has to be furious over this. Yeah, buyer's remorse big time.
  5. kcghost

    What are You Watching? [2024] Please Rate 1-5

    Off the beaten path a little bit is this wonderful French animated film "A Cat in Paris". This features a stellar cast of American actors for the English translation featuring Marcia Gay Harden, Anjelica Huston. Mathew Modine and others. Dino is a cat that leads a double life. By day, he...
  6. kcghost

    What Are You Listening To - April, 2024

    This a later recording by Vern & Ray after they wondered off to California to make a living. This is subsequent recording after they made "Sound from the Ozarks". Not as good as "Ozarks" put still pretty special. This recording includes Herb Pederson on banjo and Howard Courtney on bass...
  7. kcghost

    Any Reviews of Finsbury Tobaccos?

    They are inexpensive aromatics. I don't think there is a lot of clamor for those to be reviewed. If you want them reviewed just send in the original wrapper to Jiminks and probably do one. If he doesn't that is an answer.
  8. kcghost

    When to Not Restore? "Selected by Sasieni" Double One Dot

    To me depends in whether or not you have to replace something. If you had to top a bowl on a valuable pipe I'd have to talk it over with the owner. If I had to do a major stem repair same deal. If I had to replace a stem, I'd be very sure the owner gets back the original.
  9. kcghost

    Hello From Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum from KC!!
  10. kcghost

    Any Arkansas 🐷 Fans Here?

    Arkansas fans are expecting this guy to deliver a national championship in the first three years. He better do it to or the wolves will be howling.
  11. kcghost

    I've Created a Blend for Smoking Indoors.

    You guys are asking he silliest of questions. It is just a matter of how much aromatic you are putting in the tobaccos. It isn't a matter of strength it is just how many aromatics I can tolerate. You can handle this many I cannot.
  12. kcghost

    I've Created a Blend for Smoking Indoors.

    Just that there are so many aromatics in that blend that I really couldn't deal with them. Thus, "light me up like a Xmas tree".
  13. kcghost

    Lester Young Repeats as USA Slow Smoking Champion!

    Way to go, Les!! Quite an accomplishment.
  14. kcghost

    Hi, Judah from New Zealand

    Welcome to the forum from Kansas in the USA!!
  15. kcghost

    Hello from Ennis, Texas!

    Hi, Clint. Welcome to the forum from KC! You may as well load your location in the profile.
  16. kcghost

    Totally Rad (Davis)

    Are there are any Rad fans here?! You must be kidding. There are zillions of them here.
  17. kcghost

    Trionfo Pipe

    Never heard of it and it doesn't look like anything I'd enjoy.
  18. kcghost

    Hello from Maine

    Life's good, isn't it??
  19. kcghost

    Tinker Toy Pipe Stand

    That's really cute!!
  20. kcghost

    I've Created a Blend for Smoking Indoors.

    Man, those are aromatics that I would never smoke. The ones he is describing would light me up like a Xmas tree.