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  1. rcstan

    Stem is TIGHT on new Dunhill

    My two Rubies, bought new from SPC, have their tight stem days. I'm chalking the issue on mine to a combination of the silver band (which seems to be pressure fitted onto the shank, old skool), humidity ( 2 miles from the Atlantic shore and au-naturel no HVAC year round unless absolutely...
  2. rcstan

    Who Builds Cake In Their Pipes?

    I keep a little self-occuring cake that gets trimmed regularly to the thicknes of a sheet of paper, or about as thin as the precarb layer in let's say, a Peterson. I never go back to bare wood because I will have to basically re-break that pipe in. As for rinsing bowls, every now and then when...
  3. rcstan

    Forced Patina on Silver

    I've dabbed a bit of bleach with a qtip onto the silver band of one of my Ruby Bark Dunnies and obtained roughly the same results. Just be mindful, if you don't like the smell of bleach (like me), to let it air out for some while before smoking it. On a Group 3, the bleach smelling band...
  4. rcstan

    Who can ID & help this white spot Dunhill?

    Well, it's a 1980 Bruyere saddle stemmed straight Bulldog with what appears to be, from the pictures, a replacement stem and some weird-looking cake in the bowl. Is this a pipe you are selling, or a pipe you're looking to bid on?
  5. rcstan

    Cast away with one choice.Only one!!

    G&H Black Twist Sliced ( chopped version of the Black Irish X ). And a shitload of pipe cleaners.
  6. rcstan

    Do I need to remove Stain from new Peterson

    Did you run a few pipe cleaners through it? 10 bowls without a basic clean will make anything taste funny and/or bite. It's probably very soggy.
  7. rcstan

    Authenticity Question: Did I Get Ebay'd?

    You're quite welcome.
  8. rcstan

    Authenticity Question: Did I Get Ebay'd?

    It's a meerschaum pipe. Perhaps the case is original although it looks a little tall. It's older, most current ones have either the push-pull plastic removable mortise liner and tenon, or a permanent liner in the mortise and a "normal" tenon ( like a briar pipe ). Yours has a bone screw...
  9. rcstan

    Your first pipe smoking role model

    This fellow influenced me greatly when I quit the cigs and picked up the pipe. No idea who he is but I resembled him when I had long hair a few years ago.
  10. rcstan

    Savinelli filters, one time use?

    When I was smoking Savs, I'd get away with letting the filter dry out a bit, or sopping some of the juice on a paper towel, then reinserting it the opposite way. So I'd get two uses out of one. You could smoke more than one or two bowls with one, if it doesn't get too wet. However, any more than...
  11. rcstan

    What is the most "incense like" blend

    aldecaker Penzance gets incense-y if smoked fairly slow in a shallow wide bowl ( like a Prince ), and it has to be at the right moisture too, otherwise it tastes ( to me, a mainly VA smoker ) just like any other Lat blend.
  12. rcstan

    What is the most "incense like" blend

    I find Penzance and Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding to have that incense thing going on with them.
  13. rcstan

    Do you eat organic?

    Actually, high rates of consumption are one of the issues. Or one side of a very complex issue. To use meat as an example, the demand of what a few generations ago was considered a luxury in most parts of the world ( meat every day ) is unsustainable with a growing populace and a supply fairly...
  14. rcstan

    Do you eat organic?

    I try and look at the labels not just for organic, but provenance. Especially since my daughter came around. Growing up, one of the measures of prosperity was the quality of the food. I strive to live by that. Better spend the extra money on what you put in, rather than spend the money on the...
  15. rcstan

    Number of bowls vs resting time

    Tripoli and White Diamond seem to break me out pretty bad so I button up my collar and roll down the sleeves when buffing at work. Would hate to see what happens to other body parts. Rest assured, none of the SPC estates have been buffed in the nude. Now, back to the OP A decent briar with...
  16. rcstan

    Smoking while driving ?

    I did in the other vehicles, but I smoked cigs in there too. No smoking in the "learn Spanish in the car" car. Even with uber-anal cleaning, purifiers and the such, the smell never goes away, and I happen to dislike the scent of stale smoke, especially on my own clothes. There's also the part...
  17. rcstan

    Marriage + PAD + TAD

    OP A lot of good will come out from you guys listening to each other and not making one-sided decisions. If you buy a new Dunhill and tell your better half to go pound sand when she asks you to take her out to a restaurant, that's a problem. If you decide to cut the grocery budget down to peanut...
  18. rcstan

    Tastes the same as cigarettes

    Yes, the chambers will blacken from the heat, soot and tobacco oils. It's normal. "Cake" is a buildup of the soot, oils, and tobacco remnants. You don't want fresh walls on each smoke, but not a 1/8" buildup either. Find your happy medium. Those OTC blends you mentioned taste like a cheap...
  19. rcstan coupon?

    Have you tried SPC ?
  20. rcstan

    Dunhill - Ready Rubbed

    Orientals? Maybe just in the description. Or perhaps I don't have the buds for them. I'm working on a tin. Very much like rubbed Dunhill Flake but burns a little hotter..... Reminds me of Hamborger Veermaster.