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  1. trudger

    Tinker Toy Pipe Stand

    Optional pin wheel really put it over the top. Having accessories is what people are looking for these days.
  2. trudger

    First Commission Arrived

    Congrats you have a great looking pipe!
  3. trudger

    Hello from Denmark!

    Welcome from the Great State of Michigan in the USA. We would love to see the pipes you have made!
  4. trudger

    Latest Pick Up

    Gold Brick should get the special treatment for certain! 3P’s or Salty Dogs would be a true test, I love a tool that works as it should.
  5. trudger

    My pipe smoking buddy is gone

    Condolences to the household. Always hard on the heart, memories will last forever tho.
  6. trudger

    Got a Surprise in the Mail Today.

    You sir are doing something right! Love the stem on that pipe.
  7. trudger

    Attack of the (Pipe) Clones Episode 3

    Mr H. did you a solid on that one Frank! Congrats on another stellar piece in your rotation.
  8. trudger

    Michigan Pipe Smokers

    Newago is a place you would remember going to, I’m sure you were in GR (Wyoming) location. Haha
  9. trudger

    Michigan Pipe Smokers

    There is another Indian Rivers TT in GR. They have bulk MacBaren, C&D, and some Sutliff. Tins last time I was there were few and costly. They have some new pipes and estates. They also have a lounge where you can smoke your pipe.
  10. trudger

    Hello from Upper Michigan

    Welcome from downstate! Went to school at NMU back in the day, get back up to fish and fall in the rivers whenever I can. Lots of Michiganders (& Cheeseheads) here, good to have youse.
  11. trudger

    A Little Humor for the Day

  12. trudger

    A Big Hello from Music City, TN

    Welcome from Michigan. It is always good to have a job while browsing for pipes on the web!
  13. trudger

    Michigan Pipe Smokers

    I know lots of great places in TC let me know when😉
  14. trudger

    Michigan Pipe Smokers

    Slab Town in Traverse City & great fries. Dons Drive-In also in TC & great milk shakes. Love olives on burgers.
  15. trudger

    Does This Look Like Cancer?

    Cut it out.
  16. trudger

    Formula 1 2024

    George got played by the old Spanish pirate who has now been penalized. The telemetry gave up the trick.
  17. trudger

    Showing Some Of Me Pipes

    This is why I’m here! Get to see people’s pipes and hear their stories. Nice pipes!
  18. trudger

    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2024?***

    After the morning smoke thread it made me realize I have not posted here in forever. Wessex Gold Brick Virginia Plug in a Ferndown one star Bark.