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    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2023?***

    Kramer's Father Dempsey in a rusticated Peterson 303 to celebrate my 70th birthday.
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    The Best Beer Cheese Soup

    My vote goes to The Dam Brewery in Dillon, Colorado Where have you found the best beer cheese soup🤔?
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    A Michelin Starred Restaurant

    Something weird happened with the alignment of the planets or something. My bride has wanted to go to a Michelin starred restaurant ever since binge watching a show on Netflix(?) during the covid lockdown, about the stories of Michelin chefs. It turned out that we had planned an out of town trip...
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    What are You Reading Now?

    I just ordered the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Guidebook. Scoping it out for some Summer road tripping fun. Only $10 and free shipping!
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    Pan Searing Fish

    I think there is a difference between frying and searing, but I freely admit I'm not well educated on the matter. I'll start by drying the fish at room temperature and seasoning with some Paprika and lemon. what I've been doing is using a lot of butter---almost brown--- to caramelize the surface...
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    Left Handed Forum Members

    I'm left-handed and right eye dominant.
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    Pan Searing Fish

    Pan searing tends to bring out the best of thick fillets, and to be truthful, I've never received any formal instruction when it comes to this method. I attribute any success I've had to simply using a lot of butter and not overcooking. If you do a lot of pan searing fish, how exactly, do you...
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    In-house Pipes from Iconic Shops

    Let's not forget Disneyland pipes. Way back when, Walt had a tobacconist shop on Main Street in Disneyland and they had their own pipes and tobacco.
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    I Suspect Most Of Us Are Not Average

    Make that 26. Too much travelling kind of messed with my gray matter.
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    Your Epitaph

    I'm so full of nitroglycerin if they tried to cremate me I'd take out a city block. which isn't nearly as violent as cremation it's self. I was once a student pilot and building hours was paramount. To build my hours, I'd pick up cremains fresh out of the grinder at a local funeral home, take...
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    Any Alpine Skiers?

    It's a great year for snow! Who else here skis? What and where are your favorite ski areas? Small, but classic. Once long ago it was considered to host a Winter Olympics but a little town in New York called Lake Placid beat us out. It's where I learned how to ski. I was fortunate to be hired...
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    What Are You Drinking? January 2023

    Good Brandy. The last of the bottle in fact. Over a couple of ice cubes. 'Cause that's the way I roll.
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    What's For Dinner?

    Tonight it's Dungeness Crab! Whole crabs are on sale at the local market for $5 plus change/pound. I'm happy.
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    I Suspect Most Of Us Are Not Average

    21 for certain, plus I saw Pike's Peak but didn't make it to the top because of weather. I did get to Pearl Harbor, Old Ironsides (USS Constitution) The Smithsonian, and Mt. Vernon, which should count for something.
  15. H

    70th Anniversary of Roman Holiday

    We saw it at a theater last night. Delightful! Apparently Paramount threw a fit because it was filmed in Rome against the studio's wishes so it was filmed in B&W instead of color. It's a good thing Rome looks great in B&W!
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    What are You Reading Now?

    Anthony Esolen's translations of Dante's The Divine Comedy.
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    Van Hoople, the Artist. What Do You Know?

    Mine was Major Hoople
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    Ohio Blue Tips

    I bought a box of Ohio Blue Tip wooden matches today. According to the box, they are made in Chile. I'm feeling kind of stupid now.
  19. H


    If you're sinking to the ankles, I wouldn't bother with them, but if your sinking to mid calf or deeper, snow shoes or skis will help get you where you want to go with less work.
  20. H


    Snow shoes address the problem of post holing, right? X-C skis are generally too narrow to float over deep soft unpacked snow. Wider off-piste skis with mountaineering bindings will do much better than X-C skis, but those are very expensive unless you can find used ones.