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  1. otm

    What Are You Drinking? December 2023

    Quite a bit this week with the family in town/around. Elmer T Lee, Balvenie 21, Lismore 18, Redbreast 15, MacAllan 12 Double Oak, Powers JL, Glenfiddich 12 Sherry, Yellowstone 93 proof. Merry Christmas!
  2. otm

    Rebel Moon

    I read it’s making quite the comeback in film and television.
  3. otm

    🎄The Official Unofficial PipesMagazine Secret Santa 2023 🎅

    Secret Santa package arrived this week! Generous and much appreciated! Will post a photo shortly. Thank you SS! Merry Christmas to all!
  4. otm

    Which GL Pease Should I Buy?

    Montgomery is one of my favorites!
  5. otm

    Opening A Tin? Show Us!

    W Where can I buy this?!
  6. otm

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2023?***

    LJP Thanksgiving Day
  7. otm

    What Are You Drinking? August 2023

    A Greenspot on the rocks
  8. otm

    Better Call Saul Better Be Good.

    I thought Saul was very different, but excellent and I highly recommend it!
  9. otm

    Cuban - Honduran - Nicaraguan - Dominican

    Punch Double Coronas are great. Try iHavanas
  10. otm

    Cuban - Honduran - Nicaraguan - Dominican

    I 100% agree and those are my two all time favorites. I’ve been sitting on a box of Double Coronas from 2018 that I just cracked into and are smoking like a dream.
  11. otm

    Cuban - Honduran - Nicaraguan - Dominican

    I really enjoy Cubans, but wouldn’t pay the current retail price unless I was on vacation and they were something I was really looking forward to smoking. I do think Cuban tobacco* is incredible, but Cuban manufacturing standards are inferior to most other cigar producing countries. Tobacco...
  12. otm

    Burley blends

    Peretti Thanksgiving Day WCC Deluxe Crumb Cut Esoterica Tilbury H & H Classic Burley Kake
  13. otm

    Captain Black Platinum

    I got a couple of pouches in today. VERY strong topping. I’d say caramel for sure and what I would guess is quite a lot of fruit. I think would/might make an excellent car air freshener.
  14. otm

    Verdict on Oliva 2nds?

    I’ve had a 5 pack aging for maybe 4 years. Maybe it’s time to light one up!
  15. otm

    What Cigar are You Smoking? 2023

    Prieto BHK 56
  16. otm

    Favorite English Tobaccos?

    Palmetto Balkan, LJ Peretti Royal and Cambridge Flake, Nightcap
  17. otm

    What are You Watching? Year 2022

    Rings of Power on Apple. I’d give it a 6/10, maybe a 5/10.
  18. otm

    Home (Or Professional) Chefs - Lets Talk Knives.

    I own several, but my favorites for work (chef/restaurateur) are, Takeda Hamono, Takada No Hamono, and Yoshikane. The first two makers are hard to come by, and rightfully so. I also have a Fujiwara that gets out from time to time.