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  1. stbruno70

    Cringle Flake 2021

    I am smoking a bowl of it right now. This is lovely stuff and I look forward to aging my other tins. We are truly living in a golden age of pipe tobaccos.
  2. stbruno70

    Jim's Watch City Old North Church and Queequeg's Reviews.

    I ordered both of these as well as the 25th anniversary Old Dominion at the stroke of three today. Ernie is a wonderful blender and I am eagerly looking forward to sampling all of these.
  3. stbruno70

    Carolina Red Flake w/ Perique 2021 First Thoughts

    I just opened a tin of CRF w P and am already deeply regretting not ordering more than five tins. In addition to the sweet red VAs and the stewed figginess of the Perique, the mouth feel of the blend is extraordinarily full and rounded. The sensation on the tongue is reminiscent of carefully...
  4. stbruno70

    Best B&M Tobacco Stores in America

    LJ Peretti's in Boston is a shop I have known since the late 1960's. They may have a limited selection of other people's tobaccos, but that could be due to their own vast catalogue of blends they have been producing for well over a century. If you want to explore the fascinating history of...
  5. stbruno70

    Becoming A Codger

    Good choice.
  6. stbruno70

    Broken Pipe - David Bryant

    David Bryant, England's greatest ever lawn bowler and unrepentant pipe smoker, has just passed away. The descriptions of him combining pipe and sport are superb. From the Guardian: "Few sporting world champions have won their medals while smoking a pipe, but David Bryant, who has died aged...
  7. stbruno70

    Poor Old Pipestud Needs Help Again

    MAPS = Most Anglos Prefer St Bruno's
  8. stbruno70

    GL Pease - Quiet Nights

    Here is what Greg wrote:
  9. stbruno70

    GL Pease - Quiet Nights

    Latakia can be expressed in many ways. While the Lat is not shy in Quiet Nights, neither is it overwhelming. The natural bitterness of Lat is here offset by the sweetness of the dark Virginias and the pressing. Also the touch of perique adds a pleasant note. Let us know what you think.
  10. stbruno70

    Best B&M Tobacco Stores in America

    He had so many fascinating stories, and, yes, I do remember him rummaging about and finding all sorts of gems he himself had forgotten. His office in the back was an Aladdin's cave of tobacco.
  11. stbruno70

    Best B&M Tobacco Stores in America

    What are your memories of him?
  12. stbruno70

    Best B&M Tobacco Stores in America

    Thank you for mentioning The Piedmont Tobacconist. It's late owner, Stephen Richman, who passed in 2019, was one of the grand old men of the pipe world. I remember sitting there while he smoked Skiff in a meerschaum from the 1860s and he told fabulous stories of characters he had known. He had a...
  13. stbruno70

    Best B&M Tobacco Stores in America

    This is a fine thread. I will add to the list Telford's in Mill Valley, CA. It is just outside San Francisco and well worth a trip. In addition to pipes, cigars and exotic tins, they have a wonderful museum of old tins, briars, meerschaums and porcelain pipes.
  14. stbruno70

    Hi from the SF Bay area.

    Welcome to the wit and wisdom of the forums. Please visit the Golden Gate Pipe Club in Mill Valley, Marin.
  15. stbruno70

    Shout Out to the Mods

    Mods moderating Rockers...
  16. stbruno70

    Has Your Buying Habits Changed Much?

    Shopping at home is a great concept. It's remarkable what we can find that we had forgotten.
  17. stbruno70

    What's Your Profession?

    Hello there. The Golden Gate Pipe Club meets at Telford's Pipe and Cigar just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley.
  18. stbruno70

    Toilet Paper Tycoon

    When I read this I laughed so hard my pipe nearly flew out of my mouth. Well done!